Saturday, 21 May 2011

Salads, Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Muffins, Indian Curry/Briyani Rice & Mojitos for Vegetarian Friday

Yesterday, I had a little incident in the garden with a plant called Brennesse which left my right hand stinging almost the whole day.  Nothing I did made it go away.  I soaked my hand in cold water, washed it with assorted clearner and apparently, that made it worst.  I receive some tips to spit on the stinging area with my own saliva.  Did it but it went away for a while before returning again to remind me how nasty she can be.  Vinegar did not work too.  It got so bad at one point that I was scratching not just the part which I unfortunately had contact with, but also my left hand, my back and my two butt cheeks which my hubby thinks its funny!  Due to that incident, I kept myself occupied by baking, preparing a time consuming dinner, made cocktail, cleaned the house, did a bit of gardening (yup, but was very careful with unweeding this time round) and many other things I can´t recall.

I had a simple lunch right after the sting because contact with water made it worst so, just ate whatever thats easy on preparation.

I baked a dozen Lemon Curd Poppy Seed Muffins which was so good (ahem, according to hubby) that he ate 5 during coffee session!

I was contemplating back and forth between a Vegetarian Indian Dinner or a simple Magharite Pizza but alas, I was in the mood for something spicy.  The vegetarian curry was a simple concoction from Babas curry powder, onions, shallots, cumin seed and the likes before throwing in some root vegetables for some crunch.  Fresh potatoes went in, so as carrots and just before it is ready for serving, I threw in some chunks of brocolli for colour.  I love the rice.  It is from one of my cookbooks from a North Indian author and I find her recipes really interesting, so I think I´m gonna try out some of her other recipes in the near future.  The rice had lots of shallots, saffron, cashew nut, star anise and cardammon.  The whole meal left my lips stinging due to the spiciness, and NOT the plant .. haha

So, we ended the night with some rum, mint from the herb container, tropical brown sugar and lime wedges ... all mashed up and filled with lots of ice and top with sparkling water ala MOJITO!

That was how I spent my Friday.  How was yours?

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  1. Hope the sting's wearing off, dear. I'm amazed how you kept yourself very productive throughout the day to keep your mind off it - that's a win/win situation if I ever saw one! :D

    My Friday evening and Saturday was spent mostly with Devil at home, just lazing around... that's how the weekend should be, right? :)


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