Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oyako Donburi for Fusion Wednesday

I had dinner alone today as hubby was away at work, and had only returned home not too long ago.  Since he was not sure what time he will get back, I decided to cook and use whatever leftover I have for dinner.  I was very satisfied with last night´s Teppanyaki Dinner.  It surely does bring back lots of memory where I use to frequent japanese restaurants or cafe for my japanese food crave fix when I was still living in Kuala Lumpur. 

But since moving here, it is close to impossible to have them when craving hits unless if I were to make an effort to cook them myself.  Luckily, one of my favourite is not something impossible to make.  It is Oyako Donburi, with Oya (referring to parents) and Ko (referring to kid) and in this case, it is a chicken and egg dish over a rice bowl.  I´ve made these many times before and I find using chicken thigh the best tasting.  It is a sweetist taste braise dish but unlike teriyaki or yakitori sauce which is thickish in texture, this one is lighter and comes with lots of sliced onion, Kikkomon Soya Sauce, Mirin, Sake, Sugar and a dash of Oyster Sauce.  Comfort food at its finest :-D

We are experiencing freezing temperature again, at night.  In the month of May, which is suppose to be Spring time weather.  The spring bulbs have all wilted and by this time, I should be happily seeding the summer seeds already but as it is, I am now waiting for the bulbs to dry up before pulling them out to be set aside to dry further.  Our alliums are growing beautifully and well though, but I really do wish that they can take the sudden freezing temperature. `

Few days ago, hubby alerted me that the lavendar had started flowering! I could not believe it because this is the FIRST time our lavendar plant flowers.  It is our third attempt btw which I must say, forget about planting them from seed or buying a small variety to be repotted.  They did not work for us.  This time round, we got a bit smarter by chosing the medium size plants at the garden centre.  Money well spent I´d say as having a good night sleep with lavendar scent coming thru your window at night is `PRICELESS

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  1. I love all the donburi sounds very easy to make....i will try one of these day :) My allium hasn't open yet ??!! Looking forward to see more flowers !!


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