Monday, 9 May 2011

Mother´s Day Kept Simple

We had a simple Mother´s Day eating session yesterday.  This year, my MIL broke the tradition by supplying the cake.  It was another gorgeous and yummy creation by the Bofrost team using seasonal fresh strawberries.  If picture speaks a thousand word of how tasty looking it is, it taste just as how it looked.  I love it as it is tart base and is super light.

On the subject of strawberries, here´s our first red strawberry.  I think we will wait a while more before harvesting.

We did some light gardening after coffee and cake session.  Ain´t that a good excuse to burn the fats away? :-P 

I notice that our Alliums have all bloomed fully and is looking all magnificently proud.

I made South Carolina´s Pulled Pork Burger for dinner.  This is our first `three person dinner`consisting of me, hubby and MIL.  I was feeling kinda emotional a while there that FIL could not join us because he is bed-ridden. But on the positive side, he is stabil now and that is all that matters.

We had them with sweet and sour cabbage salad.  I learned one thing last night.  This salad taste great with extra cumin seeds on it.  It gives a nice, lingering flavour ...

This is a little corner on our patio which I am loving currently.  Imagine sitting under the grapevine shade with a green lawn view infront of you and at the same time, listening to the sound of water flow from the water fountain infront of you.  Last night, I was silently enjoying my moment here while hubby attended to the lawn watering with our sprinkler system. 

Gosh ... the lawn is growing so well isn´t it?


  1. Yummy cake,lovely Alliums and delicous looking burger. Your lawn looks like green carpet !

  2. Yes they do Jasmine :-D They even feel like carpet :-D So happy with it ..

  3. The Aliums look so pretty, mine are so small this year.


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