Sunday, 22 May 2011

Middle East Picnic Dinner for Impromptu Saturday

21st of May.

I have again forgotten this very important date.

With blurry look on my face and tousled up hair which I´d like to think to myself its sexy :-P, hubby handed me a package yesterday morning before setting off to work.

Huh??? I said. Its not my birthday, names day or Christmas. Whatever for?

Ahhh .. open it and you will know.

I held the package in my hand still and went back to sleep. Like that.

At about 9am (yes, the weather had been making me this way for the past week), I finally understood the significance of yesterday. How could I, for it was the day we first met!

Thank you for that little red double decker bus charm loukung! I LOVE IT!

So off I went shopping to prepare us a nice dinner for the evening.  Our first date was in a well known Middle Eastern Restaurant in KL.  Since it is not possible to bring him to KL on such short notice, and of course the important thing being, the restaurant has since filed for chapter 11, I shall bring the restaurant to us then :-)

We did it with a twist of course.  With fine weather smiling upon us, he helped me laid the picnic blanket on our lawn.  Hub also opened up a bottle of our favourite Riesling from Mosel area.

We had Baked Pita Bread.  Served hot from the oven with chopped coriander, salt, pepper, gyros seasoning and lots of olive oil.

I skewed a few pieces of chicken drumstick meat on some skewers before popping them into the oven to grill.  They were then drenched with a special Middle Eastern sauce (package stuff) called Ali Baba.  It was surprisingly tasty, especially Ali Baba :-D

I boiled a batch of chicpeas to make hummus.  Unfortunately, it was no where as smooth as a real hummus because our hand mixer ran out of battery halfway and I was too eager to start the evening.  Taste wise was surprisingly good albeit a bit coarse in texture.  Just add lemon juice, basic seasoning and lots of olive oil, and you´re ready to go.  We both prefer them this way versus the actual hummus where tahini is use.

Tomatoes, Cucumber, Raisins, Coriander, Mint, Lemon Juice and Lots of Olive Oil to balance off the heaviness of the other.

We ended our evening by rolling on the grass and looking up to the blue skies.  It was probably around 8.30 - 9pm when this picture was taken, but look how bright it is still.  Oh .. I also spotted LOTS of plums (top) forming on our plum tree too.  It is funny that you start noticing things when you´re in a different position.  

How true is that in every aspect of our life eh :-P

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  1. What a great day! We will celebrate ours soon but i dont think I could cook up such a meal.


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