Saturday, 14 May 2011

Mexican Dinner in Tijuana Bar & Restaurant, Oberhausen´s Centro

Its been a while since we last had Mexican food.  To make matters worst, the one and only Mexican restaurant in our little town which I had not even get a chance to try got torned down few months ago to make way for a police station. The roundabout which is located right infront of the former mexican restaurant is apparently a red zone for accidents, hence the police station.

We went shopping in Oberhausen yesterday.  Hubby´s sudden suggestion :-P For those of you not familiar with Germany, shopping mall is not a common thing here with Oberhausen being one of the very, very rare shopping mall and the biggest too.  The great thing is, we don´t have to travel a great length to go enjoy it.  It is a mere 70 kilometres away but with the traffic and all, it takes no less than 45 minutes to reach.  After shopping, its time to replenish our energy!  Although we weren´t that hungry, being mexican-food deprived made us order THESE ...

The Mexican platter (around 11.90 Euro, I think) ... IT IS HUGE! The 25-30 over pieces of wedges overwhelmed me. The two chicken wings taste really good and after eating them, I was already up there. But there is still a portion of Enchiladas, Fajitas wrap, Mexican rice, corn and salad on my platter. Okay, this platter was meant for sharing with an other order of Spare Ribs ...

But THIS, we did not expect. Another platter with a short row of Spare Ribs, 3 Chicken Wings, a few Onion Rings, salad and again, TONES of fries. We initially thought it was a mistaken order as we ordered Spare Ribs (13.80 Euro) and not a combo like this. It seems, they got the order right.

Our dinner last night in addition to a bottle each of Desperado Beer (Beer with Tequila taste).

It is great that the restaurants are located at a Promenade area because we need a walk badly after the heavy meal!  We somehow ended up in an Irish Pub call An Crannög for a drink. 

The night is still early it seems :-D

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