Friday, 20 May 2011

Maultaschen & Nutella Buttermilk for German Thursday

Maultaschen are basically german´s call to Italian Ravioli or Chinese Dumpling.  Unlike their Italian counterpart where its usually poached,  then serve with sauce or cook in the sauce, the Germans I must say is a bit more creative when it comes to their little dumplings.  Apart from the standard way of serving and as seen here with sauce ala Italian way; they pan-fry them, bake them, toss them into soup (ala chinese), add them into a salad or stuff them with sweet filling to be serve as a dessert! 

Pretty interesting I must say and gives it a whole lot more reason to make them in batches, freeze them and thaw them for future usage and experimentation.  Haha.  But I made only 6 pieces last night.  Bummer.  Should have made more since the whole works is quite tedious.  But in general, we both enjoyed our Maultaschen dinner with spinach, cheese and bacon bits stuffing ala Italian way.  Sauce was from the can, simple stuff but taste wise was surprisingly good.  So overall, I classify the dinner as a winner.  Ahem .. :-P

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  1. Nutella! Buttermilk! :D

    And oh yes, the Maultaschen. (Sorry got distracted by the Nutella...)


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