Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Leftovers for Heavy Sunday

I recently watched an interesting episode on how to create wonderful meals with leftovers in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall´s successful River Cottage Programme. In the commercial world it seems, using leftovers are common but are all wrapped underneath the table for fear of customer´s impression towards the restaurant. I mean, who wants to pay equal amount for something which was left from yesterday versus something freshly delivered and made that day? Well, this it seems IS the western´s mentality in judging a good cook / establishment which I must say, is so contradicting to some practises in the East. For example the famous Hongkong style soup of the beef noodle. Those flavourful soup are definately not freshly made. Or, those Teochew Duck gravy where every spoonful is bursting with heavy flavour. It is also not a one day magic and it is not a secret to those whom frequent the joint, infact the cook sometimes boast about it.

So what I wanna say is, leftover has its own appeal if used right.  Over here for example, it is common to see mother´s cook stews in huge batch before freezing them for future consumption.  Everyone knows this, but why is that, that restaurants here do not do this openly?

Anyway, me and hub had Saturday´s leftover on Sunday.  I am not sure if it is due to the many flavours consumed on the Barbecue Day itself resulting in me not abling to detect the taste of some meat properly, but we both agreed that the Grilled Satay, Thigh and Wings tasted fantastic on Sunday.  The chicken wing which I grilled at very high temperature in the oven for sometime particularly was soooo good, I thought I was eating a Wong Ah Wah chicken wing.  That btw, is the fame chicken wing in Kuala Lumpur.  Either that, or my imagination is running wild and I am  missing home, again :-(

We had them with some fresh salad of strawberries, apples, cucumber (they have proven themself fit for consumption, means old batch la), lettuce, raisin and some sunflower seeds.

We had them infront of the telly.  Bliss.

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  1. I'm totally with you here: Don't knock leftovers, basically.

    For a barely-free-to-cook couple like us, when we do cook, we make sure we cook enough so that leftovers are ensured and we can reheat some the next day for a delicious and quick meal. Hooray! :D


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