Monday, 16 May 2011

Hot Dog for Impromptu Saturday with Amaury Vassili in Eurovision 2011 Competition as Eye Candy

As millions of European tuned in to Eurovision 2011 Contest to cheer for their fellow countrymen or simply to gag at the well-known funny hair, funny costume and cheesy music that comes with the legendary contest, I am glad to say, this year´s contest had been fairly remarkable, competitive with lots of eye candy and talent to boot!  One of them that caught a lot of people´s attention was Amaury Vassili of France, singing a Corsica language opera title Sognu which incidently means Dream - that I felt fits him well because he is, indeed dreamy :-D 

Watch it to get what I mean. 

I have a feeling he will make it big one day, hopefully following the footstep of Andrea Bocelli if not better.  Haha.

And dinner ... ah yes, dinner :-D

Nothing fancy but good old American Hotdog with our favourite brand of German Sausage, sweet Danish Gurkens, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, French Dijon Mustard and fried onion topping for that essential crunch to bind them all in.

If that wasn´t enough, boy ... the competition really got us hankering for more treats ... we do have some standby stashed away in our snack cabinet for days like these.  Special Thai Curry Flavoured Chips from Aldi´s Gourmet Range selection.  They were really good! So gotta go grab more for standby :-D  Also, a packet of Mousse au Chocolate with Orange Flavour Chocolate Bar.  This was okay.  I prefer the Nougat and Praline range more.

Ain´t that a sinful, calorie laden Saturday night? :-D


  1. Thanks for posting this eye candy for us :) This song sounded a little melanchony but this is called dream right ?! anyways,hope that he will be big one day :)

  2. nevermind what the song is about, he is nice to look at! hahaha

  3. aiya ... no need thank you me la .. susan also need to come here and cuci mata mah hahahaha ... oops, i don´t know hubby got come in and check check or not .. aiks!

  4. wahh, if Bree say Leng chai means very leng chai liaooo lol


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