Monday, 23 May 2011

Icelander Poppies, Pink Chilean Flamingos Peeping and Tacos for Big Feast Sunday

Yesterday, we were in the mood to do some gardening shopping.

My intention was to go grab something simple for our pot on the balcony and look what I found?! Icelander Poppies in various gorgeousss shadessss.  Its love at first sigh so I quickly grabbed two pots although they ain´t cheap.  Hub in return picked up a bush of Margarites, a small olive tree??? (yup), two pots of cherry tomatoes, a pot of sunflower, a pot of coriander (oh, that´s for me) and a pot of Lupine after hearing me sing praises of how beautiful DH Hamburg´s Lupine is :-D

Seriously .. garden centre´s are evil.  They make you part $$$ even before the ink is dry.  Look at the various colours, shapes and types?! How to resist???

After shopping, we decided to go check out the nearest nature reserve parks whom were known for their Pink Chilean Flamingos.  Some pair apparently escaped from the nearest zoo sometime back and had since turned an island located within a lake here into their home.  They had also multipled so much that the authority renamed the island Flamingos Island :-P

It is not a straightforward walk to go peep at these Flamingos though.  The park is huge and you have to follow a supposedly 5.8km trail before getting to the nearest point for peeping.  I find the walk BORING, with nothing much to see except for the occassional Foxglove popping alongside the trail.

This trail here is the more interesting part, with fields overlooking an old church and what not.  But mostly is just a walking path and weeds at the side.

The only other plant I find interesting are these Irises.  I have to be very, very careful when taking this photo though coz right infront of it is my super best friend aka Ms. Brennensel of which I had just few days ago a light contact with and quickly went on a stingy episode with my right hand.

The chart for the Flamingos peeping states 5.8km walk but we honestly believe its a lot more than that.  It is perhaps in the region of 8-9km but to make matters worst, this is the closest we could get to the bird! With a binocular at hand, the most we could see were pink spots on our screen. Not even a head le.  So yeah, you can say that I was clearly dissappointed!

But I digress because, the park people should be given credit for keeping the park this way.  If I wanna see close up, I should just go to a zoo where the animals live in captivity isnt´t it? Or better still, watch a program or read a book about it at the comfort of own home.

We came home tired, hungry and thirsty.

Good thing is, hubby offered to make us dinner :-D

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  1. There's something just a little brittle about these Icelander Poppies that make them extra special... Like a bit of the Icelandic frost had gotten to them... One can imagine this being the sorta flowers one brings in a bouquet to delight the Snow Queen in the fairy tale... :)


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