Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hubby´s Zweibel Auflauf for Impromptu Saturday

Hubby voluntered to cook for us last Saturday! :-D 

What a relief because I was tired from helping at a friend´s garden earlier on.  On the way back, we stopped by the local supermarket to pick up some grocery and I suddenly had the urge to drink French Apple Cidre.  We picked up two bottles, one each from the sour variety and the sweet kind.  According to hubby, there is a town somewhere in Germany that specialises in something close to the sour kind.  It is so famous there apparently that the locals drink them like how the germans in general drinks beer! 

I think hub got his Zweibel Auflauf idea from the bottle we plan to drink that night.  Over here, they like pairing sparkling, sweetish fruity drink with onion base dish hence hubby´s Zweibel Auflauf dinner.

In it were lots of onions (naturally), paprika, cream, scnittlauch (chives) and some tiny sausage pieces.  It was very yummy and light tasting.

Well done Hubby!!!

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