Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fried Brocolli & White Asparagus Pasta for Pasta Monday

It is strange that some people gets rejuvenated after exercising but not me.  I was in slump yesterday (haha) and walking around the house like a zombie.  It did not help too that I was trying to do some paperwork in German language and I can´t say it ain´t easy at all, EVEN with the help of translation software.  So after helping my inlaws downstairs to remove some parts of the bed (FIL is getting a new bed), I came up to cook these.  A simple stir fry pasta dish with lots of bacon bits for flavouring.  This style of cooking is very common with us before I got into the current planning action mode.  For a change, it is actually nice and comforting, not to mention quick!

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