Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Erdbeeren Essig Salad & Seafood Angel Hair for Pasta Monday

We had these after rearranging our travel plans from this coming Wednesday to September for our Barcelona´s Trip.  It is cancelled because we wanted to be home beside our inlaws since FIL got bedridden.  Thankfully, our apartment booking is safe and we are allowed to change them to another date.  We had to top up more money for our flights though but its okay.  Thankfully too, we are able to salvage our parking space at Dusseldorf Airport without it being forfeited.  All and all, I am thankful for the flexibility of certain party to accomodate our switch.  After all these are done, we realise we missed Mandarin Class again! Task, tsk, tsk .. KY teacher, sorry we could not make it again.  But what to do, yesterday was our dateline ...

Last night, I decided to use our new dinnerware set.  Appetiser was a simple salad serve in a glass and drizzled with strawberry vinegar which was so good, I drank the last drop of it.  Hubby had a different variation of Angel Hair from me.  While mine was seafood (prawns, squid and mussels), I made hub´s one with chicken meatballs and sausage.  Both were cooked in Tuscany sauce that was given to us by my inlaws during Easter.  They were super delicious.

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