Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Chicken Teppanyaki for Asian Tuesday

Today, hubby made a remark while I was in the midst of grilling our chicken teppanyaki dish.

`Today is hawker style day?` he asked. 

I reckon he is not referring to the Prawn Mee, Curry Mee or Wantan Mee preparation or the sort but instead is referring to the amount of smoke and sizzling action that´s coming out from the kitchen.  That´s my hubby´s sarcasimn at work and to him, asian food in general is like that.  Too big fire is required and noisy too because the oil suction machine aka Hood had to be at its most powerful or highest speed.  Windows have to be kept ajar too because no matter how powerful your hood is, it is still not good enough to handle a simple plate of asian fried noodles, when want it to be DONE the right way.  And of course, the wok action by stirring things up.  Totally different from western style cooking.

So yeah ... It is Hawker Style today, I replied back.

Although he does not like how smokey the kitchen gets (hey lou kung, I am the one getting all the oil splatter and doing all the cleaning up), he enjoyed the dish.

I guess this means good? Can attempt to cook this again? :-D

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