Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chap Fun for Asian Tuesday

I think hub is getting the hang of asian food already because the first thing he asked me after sitting down for a cup of coffee upon returning from work was,

`Soooo ... today is Asian Tuesday.  Ì wonder what is for dinner tonight?` And he had a big, questioning smile on his face!

I shall take the big smile as positive, shall I? :-D

Earlier this week, my japanese diningware arrived and in it are these rectangular shaped servingware which the japanese uses to display their fried fish dish.  I must be missing home lately because all I can think off when seeing these plates is Chap Fun.

Chap Fun, Economy Rice or Mixed Rice are usually sold in a shop or coffee shop (because you can get your cuppa local coffee here too) with rows and rows of cooked, chinese style dishes to go with your white rice.  It consist of anything from meat, seafood, fish, vegetable, egg to tofu dishes cooked in variety of ways.  I love it because you can take as much as your plate permits and by end of the row, the owner cum cook will tally up your plate for payment.  For a 3 dish plate of mixed rice, it cost you anywhere between 3-5 ringgit, depending on the shop.  You are talking about less than 1.50 Euro meal here.  A warm plate of balance meal with hours and hours of preparation work and for that, what can I get in Europe? A cold sandwich or a warm bun, not more.

So here´s my inspiration for last nights dinner.  I made Lemon Chicken, Brocolli & Baby Carrots Stir Fry and Beansprout & Capsicum in Korean Fish Sauce.

We both enjoyed our dinner very much :-D


  1. I love chap fan!!!

    Mmmh ... simple tong-kuai steamed chicken, baked beans with egg/minced meat, sweet and sour pork, stir fried cabbage ... DROOOOOL!

    ps - Korean fish sauce not the same as NAM PLA / Thai fish sauce?

  2. Haha, yeah .. i remember all your chap fan post. Lucky you coz your wifey can make chap fun anytime for you but me le, I have to cook myself! :-D. Korean fish sauce is different from nampla. It is more smelly and after cooking with taugeh, it taste a bit of that hamyue smell too :-D

  3. i lk the chicken cut like fat potato fries, maybe il try it sometimes wit my kids.

  4. Believe it or not, its frozen stuff cut this way that I am using :-D


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