Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Barbecue Gathering in Netherland for Impromptu Saturday

Today is already Wednesday and I have yet to post up what happened since Saturday! Alright, alright, I do have a very good excuse.  Since last Saturday, I had been given a lot of tips and recipes to try out from this Barbecue Gathering Session.  Chatting about food, after all is my passion and without realising, my time is gone just like that.  Just yesterday, I made French Macarons successfully from these chat sessions! How constructive is that? And that shall be my next post here but first, let me show you what we girls ate and made.  Take a deep breathe and remember, these are for 4 young ladies (ahem!), 3 dashing husbands (ahem, ahem!) and 5 adooorable children (which fortunately s true la) in the span of less than 8 hours!

First, is Zhang or Chinese Glutinous Wrapped Rice which Lannie made.  I love it because it reminds me of home and how my mum use to make them. Although my mum´s one is much bigger, meatier and saltier, this is the best away from home in a foreign land.

Our host I believe had also slaved thru the preparation since early.  Thanks DH Almere for your wonderful concoction of Fresh Malaysian Popiah again! The chilli that comes with it is still as kicked ass.  Haha. By the way, she has a lot of very good recipes to share so do hop over here if you´re keen.

Another one of her other creation which reminds me of my version of Rice Cracker/Sardine/Mango Canape which a few Malaysian Food Blogger had tried, these apparently were featured in some magazine and DH Almere could not resist to try. I say, good choice!  Remember how I use to stress my hubby does not take seafood.  He had lots of helping and these here came with shrimp! So you can say, happy was an understatement for me :-D

DH Drachten made these.  Colour was inspired by ICI latest rainbow collection.  Joking :-D  This is Malaysian Kuih Lapis which is famed for its 9 layered colour and if done right, you can peel them off to eat.  Thank you DH Drachten for another of your wonderful creation!  After seeing this, I am very tempted now to take up my dad´s best friend´s wives offer to learn how to make kuih the traditional way.  She use to sell nyonya kuih for a living since 30 years and each time her stall opens, her kuih will be snapped up within hour.  Shall I, shall I?

This is the yummy, creamy potato/shrimp/mango Salad base before it gets dressed up by Cucumber.  Serve them ala Bree is great too.  By the way, that means on toast la :-D

DH Drachten made Kaya which unfortunately I did not try.  I was trying to stay away from coconut milk a bit because I have a history of bad reaction since moving here. And yes, most of my curries uses milk as a substitute.

If I have to mention one more talent DH Almere is good at, it is food styling. Look at her effort.  A simple Bitterballen being dressed up with colourful, decorative toothpicks.  Do look out for her photographs too in her blog.  She really is a fast learner. I reckon, she is genuinely passionate about it and it shows.

Okay, a few food were not captured here for example DH Oosthuizen´s Fried Meehoon, DH Almere´s Fried Chicken Rice and Fries (which she is going to feature her recipe soon) and DH Drachten´s Barbecue Meat (Yok Kon).  Why I am mentioning this is that, I cannot help but telly up how many dishes we enjoyed in the span of less than 8 hours :-D  This Strawberry Salad with Crispy Almond Crisp. It is so needed to have something light to balance off all the heavy weight!

This is DH Oosthuizen´s Chicken Wing ala Jalan Alor.  This is very-very close to Jalan Alor´s version so all of us are eyeing this recipe from her :D  Well done CL!

The Indonesian Satays are very famous here but there´s nothing like good, old Malaysian Satay serve with Peanut Sauce.  Though it uses primarily chicken breast, the tenderness was evident and the taste of lemongrass, oh yummm!  Nuff said :-D

The accompanying Peanut Sauce prepared by DH Almere.  A lot of work goes into it and yum!

DH Oosthuizen Barbecue Chicken Thigh.  They were good! I have not one time tasted any sauce that is not good from her.  She knows her marinade mixture well and are all well balanced.

And this is just ONE session of the eating session. We had like, 3?  Pre boat ride, Post Boat Ride aka Appetiser Buffet and then Barbecue Dinner. Haha.

And the finalè, actually not quite coz we had a George Clooney after.  The coffee, not the man.  Althought we will not hesitate the man .. ahem.  This is DH Almere´s last masterpiece of Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream. Hub had two helpings after all the heavy eating, so take a guess how good this is? :-D

All and all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves from the moment we stepped into the house to going home. Even during our ride back to Germany, me and hub talked non-stop about it.  DH Almere and her family had been really hospitable and we felt most welcome.  Thank you Blee! :-D  I still think you deserve to be called that .. look what have you accomplished!  To the other girls and the other family member, you know who you are, thank you for your effort too!  You girls deserve a biggg hug :-D


  1. Wow! I am hungry for another potluck after reading this.

  2. Sublime...looks great & must B tasty. The zhang really brought back nice memories of home. The photos says it all. Barvo ladies .


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