Thursday, 28 April 2011

White Asparagus, Swiss Chard & Bratwurst for German Thursday

We had the quinessential German dish today, the Bratwürst or sausage as known in English speaking world. Howwww boring ... but wait, there is a twist!  We had them with our garden bed´s first harvest which is the Swiss Chard AND in it were this season´s very yummy and freshly plucked White Asparagusssss ..... ohhlalaaaa :-P

Something meaty, something healthy and a bit of sauce to go with it .. the essential Hollandaise Sauce for the green and ketchup for the Bratwurst.  Thats how the germans eat them here btw ... so, that rounds up a filling meal for us two today.

I went to check on our garden as usual around evening time but this time, the trusty camera came along so here´s what I captured ...

First harvest for our dinner tonight ... yummy Swiss Chard ...

Went to check on the strawberries too ... they are growing well :-P

MIL´s salad is doing very well too!  I think we should be able to enjoy them in another two more weeks?

Our onions are growing very well and so are the sprigs above which I am loving very much.  It just make so much sense to go downstairs to go snip off a bunch or two versus buying the whole bunch at the store coz one can´t really finish the whole bunch on time ...

Few days ago, I replotted the fully covered radish square into a 4x4 arrangement.  The strong ones were re-inserted while the weak ones were thrown away.  I had to do this because I overseeded the area and reckon there won´t be enough space for them to grow so ... anyway, I was a bit concern if they would survive the relocation but heyyy, looks like they did!

Oh btw, our dessert for tonight.  I baked a lemon pound cake yesterday and found it undersweetened .. haha, so I decided to turn them into a Cherry Trifle! Hubby seems to love this so much, he whacked it in less than 3 minutes!


  1. yr garden n veg patches look great n productive.. :-)
    i love german sausages n hams.. :-)

  2. yr garden n veg patches look great n productive. well done, lianne.. :-)
    i love german sausages n hams.. :-)


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