Friday, 22 April 2011

Vanilla Waffle with Cherry Sauce & Spanish Tortilla for Vege Friday

I realised half way thru having dinner the actual defination of Vegan.  It seems that when one mentions vegan, it literarily means cooking without egg, milk, butter, yoghurt or anything from animal source.  And so, vegan was not my idea at the first place as I find vegan cooking concept very challenging to concoct up as compared to say, vegetarian - which is already not an easy feat itself.  And so, I´m gonna rename my plan to `Vege Friday`.  So, todays Good Friday.  How have yours been?

We enjoyed our day tremendously today by laying on the couch, cook, eat, baked ourself under the sun during mid day and then, cook and eat again.  Oh yes, we did water our new lawn too :-)

I assigned hub to take charge of our tea break session after spotting him being restless around the house today.  His plan this morning was fairly simple.  He said he wanted to catch up on sleep.  Fair enough after all the hard work he did for our kitchen, garden and stuff.  But my husband found it too hard to sleep further after brunch and started searching for things to do. Haha. So, as a dutiful wife and without a doubt, someone whom loves cooking and would not in her right frame of mind give up her role in her new kitchen did for his husband on this special day?  She allowed him to use the kitchen by making us waffle!  His words, not mine :-P

His waffles turned up beautifully.  Bravo hubby!  He even made the cherry sauce from scratch all by himself!  See, this is the thing I love about my hubby or western man or German men in general (sorry, I can´t compare other nationality coz I don´t know their culture and background that well).  They are capable of many things.  They are mostly trained since young or perhaps during army days to be independent - to cook for themselves, to clean, know a thing or two about DIY and don´t mind picking up a packet of tampons, when its needed and all these are matter of survival and nothing to be ashamed about.  Where I came from, well .. lets just say, roles are so define like how it did hundred of years ago but come on, its modern age now and whenever I think of it sometimes, I cannot help but find it funny.  Na ja ... I went off topic so, please bear with me today.

Continuing our planned meal journey, heres our dinner!  I made Spanish Tortilla for dinner tonight with side serving of grilled paprika (Capsicum) and Witlof which I lighted seasond with salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, oregano and majoram (fresh from herb pot!).  I was in the mood to make something out of the aubergines we have too so I casually cook them in the pot along with a can of tomato chunks, and again, heavily seasoned with fresh herbs and lots of Bärlauch.  This Bärlauch I tell you, is super delicious :-)

Hub showed sign of stress today when I took a photo of our dinner towards his direction on the breakfast table!  He tried really hard to suck in his stomach whenever I press the click button although I repeatedly assured him that it is the food I am shooting and not him!  But yeah .. so, the next thing he did was grabbed the camera from my hand to revenge back.  Hey hub .. no problemo! I am not camera shy at all and I don´t mind the whole world seeing me opening my mouth so big to gobble down the food! Haha! :-P

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