Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tomyum Soup for Asian Tuesday

I have been looking at blogs and cookbooks a lot lately for my meal planning.  What use to be an impromptu action now gets an exciting weekly plan in a systematic way.  I know what you´re gonna say Gabi aka Jasmine ... hahahaha that I am so german! But I am truly liking it this way.  Plan in advance and no headache! A bit boring la I know, so predictable but wait, I am leaving room for impromptu days.  Here´s what I have in mind ...

Pasta Monday, Asian Tuesday, Fusion Wednesday, German Thursday, Vegan Friday, Impromptu Saturday and Heavy Stuff Sunday!

I started them since last Monday with Mediteranean Pasta and Greek Salad on Monday, followed by Tomyum Soup on Tuesday (photo here!).  Last night, we had a gorgeous spread of Potato & Bacon Pancake with Carrot in Orange Juice Salad on bed of Spinach.  Lovely stuff.  Its photo will be next.

As for today, its German Thursday :-)


  1. You are so predictable and yet full of surprise!!!!Plan in advance safe lots of work,i do agree :) So gibts Bratwurst tonite?

  2. Liebe Gabi :-) Soll Ich heute am bratwurst grillen? Aber Ich sagte nichts! Es ist überashung!!! :-P


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