Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Potatoes, Bacon & Coriander Cake serve on Carrot Orange Juice Salad for Fusion Wednesday

Haha ... what do you think? OTT right? I am one of those whom gets a thrill decorating my plate of food and as you see here, it takes no genious to do it but does it not look like 10 Euro meal you get in restaurant rather than 2.00 Euro cost that I paid to assemble :-P  Taste is different matter la okay .. STILL a lot to learn.  For example, I learn that when River Cottage Programme says Carrots, Orange Juice and Thyme goes together, he really meant it.  It totally slipped my mine that we do have thyme indeed coz I got them substituted with bacon and hub commented that it does not jive.  The Potato, Bacon and Coriander Cake is a lot of work and its MY creation :-P Great thing is hub loves it so its totally worth it to go thru the tedious process of cooking the potatoes first before mashing them up, then coating them with flour and then grilling it.  So heres to Fusion Wednesday ...


  1. Ahem ... hahaha. Thanks yeah for the compliment :-) I try me best!

  2. Wow! Great photos! Love the music too. I am sure the food taste good.

  3. thanks Bree! Edible la .. nothing can go wrong with potato and bacon combo, no? hehe :-P Your photos are looking good too! Waiting for your next post! Clicked on it but not ready yettt .. hahaha ..


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