Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Nigella Lawson´s Mustard Glaze & Torte Au Armande

I discovered a very yummy sauce glaze for presumably, any kind of grill meat.  Its not a new idea, got it from watching Nigella Express one evening whereby she coat her beef fillet with but I got them tested with Pork Fillet and it worked out just fine.  The sauce is great.  We both loved it.  If you´re keen to try out, just stir a teaspoonful of Bavarian Mustard (the sweet kind) along with a few drop of balsamic vinegar, a pinch of sugar, water and a few tablespoons of Olive Oil.  That´s it.  Coat the already grilled  meat in it and you´re ready to go.  We enjoyed them with grilled vegetables - with the zucchini and aubergine being simply grilled with olive oil while the chopped tomatoes were given a quick stir fry with some fresh herbs and seasoning.  Dinner :-)

Still on food matter ... we had Torte Au Armande last weekend.  It is a french style almond cake, NOT made from scratch mind you, but instead is package stuff and it tasted great.

We finally got our egg machine replaced with a Krups and I got them tested yesterday.  Any of you using this particular model to cook your eggs?  The machine came with a water level indicator but strange that the 3 eggs which I wanted it HARD boiled ended up being soft boiled.  The indicator for water level seems to be mixed up, no?  Doesn´t 3 eggs require more water than 1 egg?  If you look closely, the 1& 2 is the level close to each other where else the 3 is at the bottom.  Do ignore the one right at top coz that belongs to the other side.  Tell me I got them confused and its not the manufacturer´s mistake ...

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