Monday, 4 April 2011

Mussels in White Wine & What We Planted (Part 1)

Made a classic white sauce with lots of fat, juicy looking mussels for lunch the other day.  Indulgence to the max when serve warm with a hot plate of pasta.  If only I can get hold of more mussels to enjoy them every other day.

So, as for what we planted ... here´s two variety I am showing now.  The rest I figured, will follow suit as soon as they began to sprout.  Its better to see something coming out versus introducing you to an empty plot in the grid, no?  Anyway, we planted 6 plants of Swiss Chard or Mangold as how the germans call it.  Since all of us love Swiss Chard and they DO look lovely, we decided to utilise more space on this one :-D

The other must have in our garden every single year is the strawberries.  We were so dissapointed the birds nicked off all the strawberries last year (although it was protected with a net) and hence this project, we are keeping our fingers and toes cross for a little success this year!

Ranunkel .. picked up a pot last week.  Its one of my favourite ...


  1. Wow the mussels pasta looks so good. mMm... I want some please..

    I keep my fingers crossed for your strawberries too. I hope i get to see them grow, please do post pictures of their progress. The Ranunkel is so beautiful, they look like white roses but much much more prettier.

    =D Stephanie Chew

  2. you can make this easily Step! Mussels so easily available in KL la :-P

    yes, need you to cross your toes for me too! hahaa .. okay, I promise to post photo once the babies are showing yeah kekeke to tempt you!


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