Thursday, 7 April 2011

Muscari Season & Our Herb Corner!

I still recall the day I painstakingly divide the batches of blue muscari grown wildly from one corner of our garden and got them arranged all neatly in a row at the new flower corner.  It rizzled that day and I told myself - I had to persevere if I want a pretty garden.  Finally, it is blooming.

She looked better than last week so I guess she deserve another mention here, no? :-P

I am getting excited because tulips are slowly popping up too.

There are some cosmetic work to be done around our herb corner still but I thought I´ll give you a run thru of what we have there.  This herb corner is in addition to the herb pot we have on our balcony and the occassional herb plant I place around our kitchen! Talk about over-the-board-herb-crazy eh.

Bayleave, which MIL just planted.  The one from last year did not survive the frost.

Our oregano survived minus 15! Good girl!  They are looking really good here, aren´t they?

Bärlauch is a common herb here known for its wonderful, garlicky flavour.  It is perfect for pesto making and grows wild if left untamed.  Not that I am complaining.

Our new rosemary plant, also new as the old one did not survive the frost.

Sage is another sturdy plant which just kept grewing to the point that its about a feet plus high now.  One of my favourite way to use sage is with butter, which I simply toss later into a bowl of hot pasta.  Lovely.

The top is call Maggikraut because it smells like Maggi seasoning.  I am still trying to figure out how to use them.  My MIL told me the name for the bottom herb but it slipped my mine.

Good, old Majoram.

Waldmeister is another popular local herb where its used for making cocktail and punch.  It grows wild too so perhaps that is where it got its name from? Waldmeister aka Wildmaster ... haha.

Last but not  least, our pathetic looking thyme plant. 

A few is missing here such as Coriander, Basil, Parsley, Dill and Chives but was told that this spot is too dry for them to survive. Ah yeah ... but I reckon its pretty good for a start and I am already loving this corner very much.


  1. Wow what a collection!

  2. Ahh..i just love spring! I think I am going to plant some tulips again this year. Lovely herbs veggie patch now has turn into wild Coriander farm!

  3. thanks Anon, there´s more to come! :-P

    Me too Ivy! It just feels so refreshing to see colours after the dull winter. Great! I love your tulips last year. Do you get a lot of varieties in Melbourne? I want your coriander farm!!!

  4. I love your flowers and herbs! So beautiful--I'm envious you have so much space to garden in!

  5. thanks Tofugirl! Well .. its nice to have a good size garden but, its also hardwork haha :-P

    THanks Jason. When ya coming?!


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