Friday, 1 April 2011

More work around our Windows

When my husband decided to extend our Semi-D home from 1 1/2 storey lot to full fledged 2 storey, he added one essential thing to beautify the home.  Adding window boxes outside every single windows we have in our home.  Due to that, we have to, each and every year go search for flowers to be planted into the box.  We started doing them twice but soon, found them not only too much work is involved, it is expensive too.  Since last year, we have been switching to flower plants that could last as late as November, or Autumn.  In total, we need at least 80 plants each year.

Our theme last year was Pink.  This year, we decided to go `french`.

Red, Blue and Whites ..

Ohhh la laaaa ....

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