Friday, 22 April 2011

Hähnchenschnitzel, Spargel & Bratkartoffel For German Thursday

Our dinner last night.  Simple preparation but time consuming.  Frying schnitzel has to be timely, otherwise the breadcrumb burns.  Bratkortaffel had to be panfried gently with the right onions otherwise you get them coloured outside but still not cooked within, and by then too, the onions will look too burn to match the potatoes.

Yesterday was Green Thursday.  It was the day where Jesus Christ had his last supper as depicted in the famous Last Supper painting before Jesus Christ got crucificated the next day, or so it seems because some expert had evidence of the exact date when the last supper took place instead of the presumed day before.

Hub looked really please with the garden.  Yesterday, I started my new assignment of watering the garden so while at it, I decided to snap a picture of it from the other side.  It was already around 7pm but as you can see here, it is still bright.  Our flower area is looking better by the day.  But I am a bit worried the weather is turning too summery this soon because that means the tulips might wilt faster than its suppose to be.  On the other hand, I am very excited to spot our beloved Allium showing up already!

This is Bonsoir tulips.  It looked totally, TOTALLY different from what is shown on the packaging here.  It is suppose to be reddish in colour and peony like with lots of bushy petals but as you can see here, this look like any typical tulips.  Another thing I learned ... standard tulips (dutch) are the tallest, Bonsoir (french inspired) the second tallest and China Town is the shortest. How funny it got its name from huh :-P

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