Saturday, 30 April 2011

Green Pea Pie & Korean Cucumber Salad for Vege Friday

Yesterday, while the whole world glued themselves onto the TV by watching the world most famous royal couple get married, my brain was busy trying to incorporate Britain´s favourite Fish & Chip side dish, the Green Pea with another British classic - the English Pie.  Green Pea is hubby´s favourite green and I though, how appropriate day for us to have them on this special occassion :-D

But not all things English were present on our plate of course.  I wanted to test out am unconventional salad recipe for an upcoming BBQ session and all I was thinking off then is the cooling cucumber against the heaty BBQ.

And it worked :-D


  1. East meet west menu :)

  2. yup, east and west also watch the wedding ma :-D

  3. Watching the wedding would be more complete eating these


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