Saturday, 23 April 2011

Erdbeeren/Waldmeister Sekt with Salmon/Meat Dip on Baguette for Impromptu Saturday

We worked the whole day today. 

From completing the kitchen (finally, all´s done now) to cleaning the house up afterwards, shopped, put up a bit of decoration and installing/testing a new water sprinkle system for our new lawn, we or rather I was utterly exhausted by end of the day to cook anything fancy.  The great thing about spring approching summer is that, the produce are so fresh with great varieties on offer that you don´t really have to do much to enjoy a great meal. So here´s what we had for today´s dinner ...

on our balcony ... of course :-)

I gathered a small batch of Waldmeister from our garden to infuse our Sekt drink.  Btw, Sekt is german´s version of champagne or Sparkling Wine and is available everywhere, easily.  I like mine serve with tiny pieces of chopped strawberries.  They taste so elegant!  Cheers!

I picked up a tube of Salmon Dip few days ago and was eager to try them out with a simple baguette.  Too bad its a bit on the salty side.  But taste wise is commendable and yummy.  The baguette on the other hand is really good! Almost like what one can get from their bakery!

Hubs meat dip is excellent! No wonder he cleared the whole ramekin of it. 

Beside the two dips, I also prepared two extra sides for nibbling. The Italian Dried Salami and German Hinterschinken (ham from thigh) was quickly nipped up.

All these with a freshly cut bouquet from our garden´s Flieder Tree.  They smell sooo GOOD!

Pröst everyone!  And for the second time, I am wishing you again Happy Easter!  Wow ... I have been blogging intensively, haven´t I???


  1. Prost Lianne - good job :)

  2. Prost Gabi! Dankeschön :-)

  3. Wow the sekt with strawberries surely looked divine! I want one for breakfast too!

  4. you´re giving me more ideas Eiling! Hehe .. wanna come join me? :-P

  5. wow, all looks so light, pretty and refreshing.

  6. Have too Kay coz today is the heavy stuff day :-P


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