Sunday, 17 April 2011

Egg en Cocotte Brunch

I have two great news.  First, our kitchen is close to completion as you can see here.  Its looking great and I´m totally, TOTALLY loving this space of ours in every way.  The room feels a lot more brighter and fresher as the result, and I´ve been more motivated to do more here than ever.  Our dear oven had also been given a thorouth cleaning with heavy duty cleaner yesterday, and I´m amazed at how dirty it is  although the oven model claims to come with a cleaning mechanism when hub bought it.

This morning, I made Egg en Cocotte for brunch.  It was really good, not to mention easy to make and wondered why we never made them earlier!  I serve them with slices of hot baguette, aided with a little herb butter for that little kick and slices of very yummy local ham.  It was heavenly!

The second great news is, hub found my ring! Yes, he did.  It happened yesterday after he sent me off to Enschede for a little R&R cum shopping (y´know, to take my mind off things) while he decided to stay back home to finish up the kitchen as much as possible.  But little did I know, it was an excuse for him to go search our place for my precious ring :-)  Y´know ... I am reminded day and day again that I am indeed being loved ...

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