Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Day 2011, Part Two !!!

As Easter is celebrated in a big way here, it is norm to see families and friends gather to feast none stop on this special day.  A new beginning, new year, new hope ... colours were put on plates, clothes and also not to forget that big smile with chirpy, spring mood to match.  It did help that the weather was lovely yesterday.  We hung around the garden from 3pm till 9pm, a total of 6 hours!

Here´s part 2 of our programme.

For coffee session, we had the most delectable, fresh tasting piece of Rasberry & Yoghurt Cake!  Although I had been plaque by indigestions lately, I had two helpings!  The rasberries were sooo sweet and fresh I cannot believe its frozen stuff from Bofrost.

To burn off what we ate, also to prepare for some space for dinner later, we went hunting for easter eggs in the garden!  As you can see, the green eggs were cleverly clamouflaged in green where else the blue eggs were hidden amongst the blue!  My clever idea :-P

Little did we know MIL had already started hunting them the night before.  She found 9 of them around the garden when she went out to put the protector on our strandkorp.  Hub woke up early morning to stack another 10 eggs in too but decided to keep 1 for his own consumption! 

With the 20 that I bought, we were suppose to hunt for another 10.  But we only found 8!!

Where is the 2???

Since it is a holiday here and doing housework is frowned upon, I decided to spent time in the kitchen to bake a loaf of bread.  This is the Dried Tomatoes, Rosemary and Parmesan Loaf I baked. 

Some Fresh Salad for sides to go with the barbecued meat.  Very good Marina cocktail tomatoes from Spain, local cucumbers, feld salad from France, eggs from our egg hunting session and all seasoned with Bärlauch Essig Oil which MIL gave us in the morning.  Since it is getting warmer, I decided to harvest the remaining of Bärlauch from our garden for garnishing too.

While I prep a bit in the kitchen, hub lighted up the grill and started his session.  MIL picked up assorted BBQ flavoured meat for todays session.  Some with curry, some with paprika, some with herbs and some with cheese base.  It was all very tasty.

Oh btw ... I wanna show you what I wore yesterday for the egg picking session. The pockets as you can see fits an egg each perfectly.  Haha.

So, continuing our grill session .. we had few varieties of German Beer and Radler to go with the BBQ session.

My last plate ... I think.

I also took some photos of the flowers yesterday.  The Dutch tulips are starting to wilt ... tsk, tsk, tsk ...

Chinatown Tulips are blooming beautifully, but I reckon not for long.

Our Hyacinth did really well surprisingly!  Still going strong ..!

But what excites me the most is spotting our beloved Allium protruding out now :-P  I love, love, LOVEEE allium and can´t wait for all of it to come out soon!


  1. Yummy Food,lovely weather,great time!Oh i love your T-shirt,better than sarong :P How does the "ladler" tasted ? Oh...all the beautiful flowers .....ahhhhh.....

  2. Ja Gabi! Gestern´s wetter was sehr schön ne. Und wie war deine tag? Ich glaube auch schön! Hehe .. meine t-shirt finde Ich klappt ganz gut mit gestern´s eiersuchen plan :-D Aber, wir haben noch nie alles eier gefunden. Haha. Mein schatz sagte, vieliect die vogel habt die eier geclaudt :-P

  3. Wow, everything looks great an Alium coming out to play soon.

  4. yay for the allium! you planting allium this year Bree? Hope to see some lovely summer flowers in your blog soon!

  5. Luv your blog, the food look soo yummy. Make me wanna go in my kitchen & start cookin.

  6. my aliums are 3 years old and this year they are tiny?! What should I do?

  7. hm ... my MIL always ask me to add fertiliser during the dry up period so that more energy can get back into the bulb wor. i have not tried but will do that this year ...


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