Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Do we need more spice?

This was the exact question hubby post to me a few weeks ago when we started our `Project Spicy`.

My answer is, hell YESSSS!!! Its never enough!

The thing about this household is very simple.  We come from two very different background with two very different eating habits and tastebuds.  When I wanna cook, say a curry flavoured pasta (and yes, we do eat that quite frequently), I would sprinkle hub´s portion with german curry powder while mine comes with that unmistakable `Babas`curry powder taste in it.  Hub likes his food mild, while I like mine more robust and flavourful.  Typical Malaysian tastebud.

Base on this simple fact, hub uses only selective spices during cooking while I go full fledge with whatever we have.  The more the merrier and I am thinking - two more rows of these bottles should be sufficient.  I think the question he should be asking is : Do you need more spice?

My hubby, still so polite after all these years ... :-P


  1. What a compliment coming from Bree! Hehe, sooo unSusan hor :-P

  2. You are more and more german :P Spices also got to have label and susun in a straight line :)

  3. Haha! Actually I was much worst when back in KL before I met hub. Now sudah mellow loh ...:-p


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