Sunday, 17 April 2011

Chinatown Tulips & Sarah Berhnard Peonies = TWINS?

The range of tulips available here is MINDBOGGLING.  You not only get assorted of colours to choose from, you also get to choose the different shapes and sizes it comes with including the variety of height and blooming period type.  One particular type caught my eye last autumn and its called China Town.  It reminds me so much of peonies where the chinese decorate their home abundantly with during Chinese New Year. And I thought that was the reason why its called what its called due to the resemblance and that connection to chinese culture.

But hey, I realise something further.  Its so darn short.  Just like any typical chinese or asian. Haha.  Look how stunted they are as compared to the typical tulips?!

I thought my love for peonies will go away as long as I get a lookalike, but how wrong.  Today, I decided to go get the real deal.  Peonies Sarah Berhnard ... here´s to another collection in our garden!  Yippee!!!


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  2. i planted them last autumn Bree .. so that makes it 1/2 years old in human years???


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