Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Belacan Fried Rice for Asian Tuesday

I´m glad its Tuesday today.  Because that means that I not only get to eat something I´ve grown up with, its also a chance for me to introduce hubby to the vast asian cuisine which is so lacking here.  Today, I decided to cook something from southern Thai.  It is something I learned from my brother´s ex, whom happen to hail from South Thailand.  She is a great cook and this particular dish is something I always remember her for.

Some of the spring blooms in the garden are already starting to wilt due to the hot, summery weather. Since it is so hot out there, I thought why not bring a few indoor for enjoyment :-)

They do look great in small little vases. 

Unlike tulips, alliums, hydrangea or daffodils which commands immediate attention due to their petal, shape and size, these here are more dainty and delicate and do need extra eyes to really appreciate them.

They are now sitting prettily on the breakfast table :-D


  1. Everything looking so pretty and I like Ingrid Michealson's voice here.

  2. the flower arrangement is inspired by yours Bree! hehe! looks good eh :-P I love this song! Who else sings like her ah?


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