Thursday, 21 April 2011

Alas ... here´s our Lawn

Hub said `HOLD your breathe and be prepared if he does not turn up`.

This patch here is what we have been living with since February.  Our family gardener wanted to lay the grass immediately but who in the right frame of mind would lay new grass during cold, winter month of February? We declined politely and waited for him to arrive the following month. And then, the following month.  With a few phone calls inbetween as a reminder.

He FINALLY made it, today. 

And not just with one, but THREE boys on the lawn. 

Luckily, we did not attempt to do it ourselves because we clearly do not have the right tools to even start this project.  First, they had to even the ground perfectly which I think we can do.  Laying the roll grass is not a problem too, but the roll machine they use to compress the lawn down which I feel is essential to get them growing well - we don´t have that.

I must say they did a great job.  The cleared up the place after work which is great, and they did it all under 4 hours due to extra pairs of hands available at site.  And the part I love most is, the gardener gave us a good quality grass that not just feel fine to walk on, it is also suitable for heavy usage.  Another good point also is that, it is easy to care.

Notice our beach chair (strandkorp in german, and what do you call this thing in English??) at the further end?  We (me and MIL) rolled the protector up right after the boys left to enjoy a glass of Sekt immediately!  I got the Sekt ready while MIL came with cutted pieces of juicy strawberries and Waldmeister to be inserted into the Sekt glass. We had a good few hours chat under our plum tree while enjoying our new lawn.  What a great day!

Our crawlers at the staircase had also been given a good trim.

So, after the completion of this project .. guess what is my new role here?  To water the grass every evening of course.  Haha.  Yeah .. with new lawn, a bit of tender, loving care is needed yeah ...

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