Saturday, 30 April 2011

Green Pea Pie & Korean Cucumber Salad for Vege Friday

Yesterday, while the whole world glued themselves onto the TV by watching the world most famous royal couple get married, my brain was busy trying to incorporate Britain´s favourite Fish & Chip side dish, the Green Pea with another British classic - the English Pie.  Green Pea is hubby´s favourite green and I though, how appropriate day for us to have them on this special occassion :-D

But not all things English were present on our plate of course.  I wanted to test out am unconventional salad recipe for an upcoming BBQ session and all I was thinking off then is the cooling cucumber against the heaty BBQ.

And it worked :-D

Thursday, 28 April 2011

White Asparagus, Swiss Chard & Bratwurst for German Thursday

We had the quinessential German dish today, the Bratwürst or sausage as known in English speaking world. Howwww boring ... but wait, there is a twist!  We had them with our garden bed´s first harvest which is the Swiss Chard AND in it were this season´s very yummy and freshly plucked White Asparagusssss ..... ohhlalaaaa :-P

Something meaty, something healthy and a bit of sauce to go with it .. the essential Hollandaise Sauce for the green and ketchup for the Bratwurst.  Thats how the germans eat them here btw ... so, that rounds up a filling meal for us two today.

I went to check on our garden as usual around evening time but this time, the trusty camera came along so here´s what I captured ...

First harvest for our dinner tonight ... yummy Swiss Chard ...

Went to check on the strawberries too ... they are growing well :-P

MIL´s salad is doing very well too!  I think we should be able to enjoy them in another two more weeks?

Our onions are growing very well and so are the sprigs above which I am loving very much.  It just make so much sense to go downstairs to go snip off a bunch or two versus buying the whole bunch at the store coz one can´t really finish the whole bunch on time ...

Few days ago, I replotted the fully covered radish square into a 4x4 arrangement.  The strong ones were re-inserted while the weak ones were thrown away.  I had to do this because I overseeded the area and reckon there won´t be enough space for them to grow so ... anyway, I was a bit concern if they would survive the relocation but heyyy, looks like they did!

Oh btw, our dessert for tonight.  I baked a lemon pound cake yesterday and found it undersweetened .. haha, so I decided to turn them into a Cherry Trifle! Hubby seems to love this so much, he whacked it in less than 3 minutes!

Bircher Muesli for Fusion Wednesday

No, I did not starve myself yesterday with this bowl of Bircher Muesli only but thought of sharing you a simple recipe here!  It is super easy and yummy so, what not?!  It had been my breakfast since last weekend ; Easter Holiday and overeating blah, blah, blah .. the usual complain.  Haha.

It taste surprisingly good - NOT too sweet like how premixes usually are, so its really something you should do if you are thinking of buying the premixes.  All you need to do is soak a handful of rolled oats in few tablespoon of orange juice.  Add in raisins, nuts and chopped apples into the bowl before mixing in a few tablespoons of plain yoghurt and honey.  Thats it!

Bircher Muesli was invented by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner to nurse his after-war-affected patients in his hospital so you can imagine what goodness lies in this bowl :-D

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Belacan Fried Rice for Asian Tuesday

I´m glad its Tuesday today.  Because that means that I not only get to eat something I´ve grown up with, its also a chance for me to introduce hubby to the vast asian cuisine which is so lacking here.  Today, I decided to cook something from southern Thai.  It is something I learned from my brother´s ex, whom happen to hail from South Thailand.  She is a great cook and this particular dish is something I always remember her for.

Some of the spring blooms in the garden are already starting to wilt due to the hot, summery weather. Since it is so hot out there, I thought why not bring a few indoor for enjoyment :-)

They do look great in small little vases. 

Unlike tulips, alliums, hydrangea or daffodils which commands immediate attention due to their petal, shape and size, these here are more dainty and delicate and do need extra eyes to really appreciate them.

They are now sitting prettily on the breakfast table :-D

Strawberry Slurp for Lunch!

After a heavy meal weekend, nothing taste and feels better than a glass of strawberry goodness :-P

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Day 2011, Part Two !!!

As Easter is celebrated in a big way here, it is norm to see families and friends gather to feast none stop on this special day.  A new beginning, new year, new hope ... colours were put on plates, clothes and also not to forget that big smile with chirpy, spring mood to match.  It did help that the weather was lovely yesterday.  We hung around the garden from 3pm till 9pm, a total of 6 hours!

Here´s part 2 of our programme.

For coffee session, we had the most delectable, fresh tasting piece of Rasberry & Yoghurt Cake!  Although I had been plaque by indigestions lately, I had two helpings!  The rasberries were sooo sweet and fresh I cannot believe its frozen stuff from Bofrost.

To burn off what we ate, also to prepare for some space for dinner later, we went hunting for easter eggs in the garden!  As you can see, the green eggs were cleverly clamouflaged in green where else the blue eggs were hidden amongst the blue!  My clever idea :-P

Little did we know MIL had already started hunting them the night before.  She found 9 of them around the garden when she went out to put the protector on our strandkorp.  Hub woke up early morning to stack another 10 eggs in too but decided to keep 1 for his own consumption! 

With the 20 that I bought, we were suppose to hunt for another 10.  But we only found 8!!

Where is the 2???

Since it is a holiday here and doing housework is frowned upon, I decided to spent time in the kitchen to bake a loaf of bread.  This is the Dried Tomatoes, Rosemary and Parmesan Loaf I baked. 

Some Fresh Salad for sides to go with the barbecued meat.  Very good Marina cocktail tomatoes from Spain, local cucumbers, feld salad from France, eggs from our egg hunting session and all seasoned with Bärlauch Essig Oil which MIL gave us in the morning.  Since it is getting warmer, I decided to harvest the remaining of Bärlauch from our garden for garnishing too.

While I prep a bit in the kitchen, hub lighted up the grill and started his session.  MIL picked up assorted BBQ flavoured meat for todays session.  Some with curry, some with paprika, some with herbs and some with cheese base.  It was all very tasty.

Oh btw ... I wanna show you what I wore yesterday for the egg picking session. The pockets as you can see fits an egg each perfectly.  Haha.

So, continuing our grill session .. we had few varieties of German Beer and Radler to go with the BBQ session.

My last plate ... I think.

I also took some photos of the flowers yesterday.  The Dutch tulips are starting to wilt ... tsk, tsk, tsk ...

Chinatown Tulips are blooming beautifully, but I reckon not for long.

Our Hyacinth did really well surprisingly!  Still going strong ..!

But what excites me the most is spotting our beloved Allium protruding out now :-P  I love, love, LOVEEE allium and can´t wait for all of it to come out soon!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Day 2011, Part One!

Woke up this morning to a lovely breakfast on our balcony, again :-) 

With all my favourite things on a plate ; Bacon, Baked Beans, Hash Browns, Fresh Salad, Orange Juice and my cup of Lavazza ... this is bliss morning we should do more often!

Yum, yum, yummm ....

We spotted a package lying on our balcony this morning! I guess you can guess who its from eh :-P

My MIL I must say again, is the sweetest in the world.  And also knows how to pick a present or two! Did you spot that hype CD there?  Chocolate Lounge music people .. haha. 

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Erdbeeren/Waldmeister Sekt with Salmon/Meat Dip on Baguette for Impromptu Saturday

We worked the whole day today. 

From completing the kitchen (finally, all´s done now) to cleaning the house up afterwards, shopped, put up a bit of decoration and installing/testing a new water sprinkle system for our new lawn, we or rather I was utterly exhausted by end of the day to cook anything fancy.  The great thing about spring approching summer is that, the produce are so fresh with great varieties on offer that you don´t really have to do much to enjoy a great meal. So here´s what we had for today´s dinner ...

on our balcony ... of course :-)

I gathered a small batch of Waldmeister from our garden to infuse our Sekt drink.  Btw, Sekt is german´s version of champagne or Sparkling Wine and is available everywhere, easily.  I like mine serve with tiny pieces of chopped strawberries.  They taste so elegant!  Cheers!

I picked up a tube of Salmon Dip few days ago and was eager to try them out with a simple baguette.  Too bad its a bit on the salty side.  But taste wise is commendable and yummy.  The baguette on the other hand is really good! Almost like what one can get from their bakery!

Hubs meat dip is excellent! No wonder he cleared the whole ramekin of it. 

Beside the two dips, I also prepared two extra sides for nibbling. The Italian Dried Salami and German Hinterschinken (ham from thigh) was quickly nipped up.

All these with a freshly cut bouquet from our garden´s Flieder Tree.  They smell sooo GOOD!

Pröst everyone!  And for the second time, I am wishing you again Happy Easter!  Wow ... I have been blogging intensively, haven´t I???

Preparation for Easter Day 2011

Today is the eve of Easter Day.  Over here, it is the day where many were seen cleaning their home, tidying up their garden, shopping for groceries or decorating their home with eggs just to prepare for the big day.

As for us, we joined in the fun by ...

Eating easter chocolates :-)

Planning to hide some ready made coloured eggs in the garden for little fun tomorrow :-)

Arranged a tulip bouquet to bring a little easter colour in our livingroom ...

And bring the bunny out of course!!!

MIL will be hosting a BBQ session downstairs tomorrow too and in addition to that, she even gave me a bouquet to prepare for the occassion!

Enjoy the weekend everyone and Happy Easter!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Vanilla Waffle with Cherry Sauce & Spanish Tortilla for Vege Friday

I realised half way thru having dinner the actual defination of Vegan.  It seems that when one mentions vegan, it literarily means cooking without egg, milk, butter, yoghurt or anything from animal source.  And so, vegan was not my idea at the first place as I find vegan cooking concept very challenging to concoct up as compared to say, vegetarian - which is already not an easy feat itself.  And so, I´m gonna rename my plan to `Vege Friday`.  So, todays Good Friday.  How have yours been?

We enjoyed our day tremendously today by laying on the couch, cook, eat, baked ourself under the sun during mid day and then, cook and eat again.  Oh yes, we did water our new lawn too :-)

I assigned hub to take charge of our tea break session after spotting him being restless around the house today.  His plan this morning was fairly simple.  He said he wanted to catch up on sleep.  Fair enough after all the hard work he did for our kitchen, garden and stuff.  But my husband found it too hard to sleep further after brunch and started searching for things to do. Haha. So, as a dutiful wife and without a doubt, someone whom loves cooking and would not in her right frame of mind give up her role in her new kitchen did for his husband on this special day?  She allowed him to use the kitchen by making us waffle!  His words, not mine :-P

His waffles turned up beautifully.  Bravo hubby!  He even made the cherry sauce from scratch all by himself!  See, this is the thing I love about my hubby or western man or German men in general (sorry, I can´t compare other nationality coz I don´t know their culture and background that well).  They are capable of many things.  They are mostly trained since young or perhaps during army days to be independent - to cook for themselves, to clean, know a thing or two about DIY and don´t mind picking up a packet of tampons, when its needed and all these are matter of survival and nothing to be ashamed about.  Where I came from, well .. lets just say, roles are so define like how it did hundred of years ago but come on, its modern age now and whenever I think of it sometimes, I cannot help but find it funny.  Na ja ... I went off topic so, please bear with me today.

Continuing our planned meal journey, heres our dinner!  I made Spanish Tortilla for dinner tonight with side serving of grilled paprika (Capsicum) and Witlof which I lighted seasond with salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, oregano and majoram (fresh from herb pot!).  I was in the mood to make something out of the aubergines we have too so I casually cook them in the pot along with a can of tomato chunks, and again, heavily seasoned with fresh herbs and lots of Bärlauch.  This Bärlauch I tell you, is super delicious :-)

Hub showed sign of stress today when I took a photo of our dinner towards his direction on the breakfast table!  He tried really hard to suck in his stomach whenever I press the click button although I repeatedly assured him that it is the food I am shooting and not him!  But yeah .. so, the next thing he did was grabbed the camera from my hand to revenge back.  Hey hub .. no problemo! I am not camera shy at all and I don´t mind the whole world seeing me opening my mouth so big to gobble down the food! Haha! :-P

Hähnchenschnitzel, Spargel & Bratkartoffel For German Thursday

Our dinner last night.  Simple preparation but time consuming.  Frying schnitzel has to be timely, otherwise the breadcrumb burns.  Bratkortaffel had to be panfried gently with the right onions otherwise you get them coloured outside but still not cooked within, and by then too, the onions will look too burn to match the potatoes.

Yesterday was Green Thursday.  It was the day where Jesus Christ had his last supper as depicted in the famous Last Supper painting before Jesus Christ got crucificated the next day, or so it seems because some expert had evidence of the exact date when the last supper took place instead of the presumed day before.

Hub looked really please with the garden.  Yesterday, I started my new assignment of watering the garden so while at it, I decided to snap a picture of it from the other side.  It was already around 7pm but as you can see here, it is still bright.  Our flower area is looking better by the day.  But I am a bit worried the weather is turning too summery this soon because that means the tulips might wilt faster than its suppose to be.  On the other hand, I am very excited to spot our beloved Allium showing up already!

This is Bonsoir tulips.  It looked totally, TOTALLY different from what is shown on the packaging here.  It is suppose to be reddish in colour and peony like with lots of bushy petals but as you can see here, this look like any typical tulips.  Another thing I learned ... standard tulips (dutch) are the tallest, Bonsoir (french inspired) the second tallest and China Town is the shortest. How funny it got its name from huh :-P