Monday, 28 March 2011

Square Foot Gardening Box is UP! And my craze for Bellis & Alpine Cactus ...

We finally laid another 1,000 litre of soil into the SFG boxes two days ago.  With that done, the box gride were place into the box to form 6 squares in each container and with 6 containers in sight, that means we have a total of 36 little square boxes! That´s a lot and that means that it allows us to plant 36 different kind of vegetables, salad or low rise fruits! Now, that´s quite a headache there deciding what to plant! But good headache :-P

We were in Netherland yesterday trying to locate a garden centre by the name of Intratuin.  They have recently started distributing pamplets to the border to lure German customer to their store, which I think is a great, wonderful thing but the information provided on the leafter (which were thankfully in German) were not sufficient enough to guide us to their store. So I went online to check on their website.  But, tsk, tsk, tsk .. its only in Dutch. We tried out luck anywhere, drove all the way to Enschede and its not a big city btw, BUT luck was not on our side.  It also made matters worst that a lot of roads were undergoing repair and its such an eye sore really during such lovely Spring weather, and the road system being so different from Germany - where the Dutch likes their road curvy and sometimes come with odd joinings, bicycle/bus/car lane existing side by side in major junction (and I tell ya, its quite nerve wreaking trying to figure out who goes first!) that we decided to travel back to Germany to do our window box flower shopping.

But we manage to drop by a small centre for the following ...

Sunday is rest day here but that does not stop me from doing what I love doing. The 10 Bellis we bought were carefully planted onto the round planter on our balcony. It would have looked better if the round planter pot were filled up but I guess, with new soil and all, the Bellis should be spreading herselves real soon.

We also picked up an assorted tray of Alpine Cactus for a dry corner of our garden. I have not planted them yet though because we are still trying to relocate the peach tree to another spot.

I manage to pick up some packets of Dim Sum from a chinese store in Enschede yesterday before driving back to the border. It is available in a 30 pieces packet and 10 pieces packet. Since I have no idea how good it is, I bought the small ones first. Having spent the whole morning working our in the garden, I wanted to treat myself to something yummy so I decided to steam them up for my lunch! I had them along Lingam Chilli Sauce and I must say that they tasted really good for packet stuff!

I guess, I will get the big packet next round then.

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