Friday, 25 March 2011

Ranunkels, Tulips & Malaysian Chicken Rice Session (that almost happened)


A dear friend´s family car was beyond repair hence our Malaysian Chicken Rice session cum my Belated Birthday Cake session which was suppose to take place last evening did not materialise.  She felt really bad over it although I had assured her its OKAY! Things like these do happen in real life and not just in movies!

I went ahead with the cooking nevertheless, poaching it at one time and then roasting it in the oven during the second half time.  Its not authentic but what to do - that is the only solution for buying TOO big a bird, and having TOO small a pot :-P

p/s : The chicken rice using Prime´s Hainanese Chicken Rice pack was delicious and when cooked with our new rice cooker (which I hand carried back all the way from Malaysia) - it was utterly indescribable ...

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