Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lets keep our earth GREEN ...

All of you must have known by now what happened to Japan about a week ago. Like everyone else whom had been following the news - it must have somehow made you stop and think how fragile life can get and with a stroke of lighting, one´s life can turn upside down in matter of minutes. 

I don´t proclaim to be the expert in how to reverse the effect of global warming and whatever natural disaster that follow suit, but I do know that we as little people on this earth can do our part greening our earth in whichever small way we can.  

It is close to late March now as I´m typing this. The weather is lovely outside with abundance of sun in moderate temperature of about 20 celsius.  Having said that, it may get cold again the next days and like anywhere else in the world, the weather simply is getting unpredictable. 

But, I am not going to complain .... Not going to complain, simply because at this moment, I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, the heating in our home is working and when needed to be out, I still have my clothings to protect me from it all.


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