Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Italian Herbs, Sausage Crepe & Mascaporne Ice Cream Crepe

I notice a pattern going around the garden centres here this year ; that most of them are beginning to carry herbs from Italy!  Although I am very please with this fact and as one know, Italians do use a lot of fresh herbs in their cooking hence herbs from Italy is more desirable (to me, at least because I cook a lot of pasta), I cannot help wonder if they are able to withstand the colder climate here. 

I went on herb shopping spree today :-) The weather is turning consistently lovely lately and one just cannot help noticing how cheerful the locals have become lately.

I quickly got them planted onto our balcony´s herb pot the following hour.  To play it safe, and since it is officially still March and March month is known to be still a bit unpredictable, I think I better place a cover over it - you know, just incase.

I made crepe for dinner tonight!  This crepe recipe is one which I´ve been using for a while and I´m please with how it turns out each time. Except for today - BUT it is not the recipe´s fault.  Blame it on my laziness that instead of using a handmixer to mix the batter, I was using Kitchen Aid to let it run.  Without realising, the batter got all foamy and hence the funny bubbly texture you see on this photo.  Still yummy though! Albeit a bit too crispy for my liking.

Recently, I have been picking up lots of good quality from a discounter supermarket.  They are known to bring in low end stuff but still fresh and nice, just not so tasty like some you get in local morning market and all but yeah, you pay for what you get.  I usually go there because its the closest supermarket from our home but I find myself going there very often nowadays although I am at a different area with chances of getting good stuff and the reason is, they have been bringing in lots of very good, imported produce from all over Europe and I´m impressed! Just the other day, I picked up a packet of cocktail tomatoes from France and once from Italy and I swear the ones from France tasted just like those I´ve ate around the produce region in France.  Recently too, they brought it some really good feld salad which stayed fresh and perky in our fridge for close to two weeks and tasted everything a salad should be.  Healthy tasting, light and fresh.  And now I´m just happy, happy, happy and excited over what else will this supermarket chain bring in next :-)

Crepe with Spanish strawberries and Mascaporne Ice Cream for dessert ... to end our meal for today.

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