Sunday, 16 January 2011

Oven Baked Pork Loin with Vegetable Stuffing Dinner

We had a yummy dinner at home last night after many days of Abendbrot and Salad evening.  I though, heck with the loosing weight thing ... it is afterall weekend and we shall at least live a little.

I put together a simple salad with topping of avocados.  I loved avocados but cannot speak on behalf of my hubby.  I am one of those whom likes picking up riped avocados from the expired fruit section but not for the only reason it is cheaper, it is perfectly riped by the time you use them back home and I´ve always wondered why would someone buy the half riped ones anyway? 

One of our favourite Riesling from Mosel area.  Hub had been drinking this since like ages, and continued doing so after my presence because I love it too.  This one is one of those which you can´t get from the store but must order them direct from the vineyard. 

Our dinner last night was Oven Baked Pork Loin with Vegetables Stuffing - something I picked up whole and ready from the fresh section in the supermarket.  It is really, really good! 

The meat is tender and nicely marinated.  The filling of vegetables were lovely too with minced meat blended in - so its like eating sausage within a pork loin.  And the skin itself was crackling like how Siew Yuk is!  Hub scrapped off the skin and fat part and I quickly jumped in to save the pieces for boiling soup later on :-)

How chinese can I get :-P


  1. Wah, I like the way you plated your dish in the last shot with the "drizzle" of sauce :-)


    HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys!!

  2. ehh mesti .... must enjoy at home also mahhh kekekkee ... happy new year to you too! and enjoy painting the town red when Choo choo is down in Dubai yeah!


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