Friday, 14 January 2011

Vinegered Fried Herring and Potatoes

After 2 1/2 years of living here in Germany, I finally attempt to try raw herring in Enschede last week. The taste was surprisingly silky and soft, albeit a bit fishy like how sardine is.  The ones I tried were sample pieces, not so big a piece which is just fine and what I really liked was the fish vendor actually took effort in keeping some onion pieces pierced with the raw herring, so as to balance the fishy taste further.  After that experience, I was in the mood for Herring again.  Herring is local fish here -sold everywhere from fish stands, sold in plastic container in the cooling aisle of supermarket to the canned variety where you can keep one in your pantry for like ages.  I picked up a can today - the fried kind just to have a taste of how its liked.  The can states that it goes well with fried potatoes so I decided to do the full monty ...

Verdict, it was not too bad.  The vinegar taste in this one is much more acidic than the raw type but in a good way coz it balances off the oiliness of the fried fish.  I reckon, it is all and all edible but not my favourite way to eat them, or my favourite fish in the world. But again, I do not want to speak too early because I may be in for a surprise - who knows.

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