Thursday, 27 January 2011

Takumi, Dusseldorf

Hubby asked if I was keen to go visit Boot Dusseldorf during our yummy American breakfast last Sunday. I have not seen sail boats, luxurius boats or any means of water boats on display so I said YES.  Hubby makes it a point to visit every year and especially so now after obtaining his skipper licence and loved it very much.

Boot Dusseldorf is apparently the biggest boat exhibition in the world with 16 halls used and more than 1,700 boat types on display!  It is definately not for the faint hearted so if you´re keen to take a look at the display up close and personal, I would advise you to wear a pair of your most comfy and smart looking shoes on that day. The exhibition will end this 30th Jan 2011.

Since it was my first time, I was naturally vowed by the vast number of boats on display and I must say that the one thatI like most are the Bavaria range ....

Dinner was in Dusseldorf, naturally.  I took the opportunity to go try out japanes food since Dusseldorf is known as having the biggest japanese population in the whole of Europe.  Of all the Japanese cafes and restaurants available, I found Takumi to be the most authentic of the lot.  Not only the serve airflown ramen all the way from Sappora as their specialty, the whole place is manage by japanese! We also spotted quite a few japanese customer tucking into their meals so, how authentic is that!  But what I like most is, this is not a cafe or a restaurant, but more of a ramen joint which you find so abundantly all over Japan and dining here felt as though one is really in Japan :-)

Hub ordered their Gyoza and Karaage Set (around 9.50 Euro, I think) which came with a bowl of rice and a seaweed soup.  Both the Gyoza and Karaage were prepared the way how it should be.  The Gyoza paste tasted fresh with great flavour, and skin were fried perfectly and not too oily. I love it.  The Karaage although spotted a heavy flour base coating, it tasted light and crunchy the moment you pop them into your mouth.  The meat tasted very fresh and were nicely seasoned too.  THIS IS REAL STUFF and I assume this is the closest taste to what you can get outside of Tokyo.

My dinner was Tonkatsu base Ramen with slices of pork loin and an egg, done the japanese way.  The broth base I must add is full of flavour but not too porky in taste. The noodles were springy and lovey, and yes, noodles should be eaten this way and not the soft, soggy egg noodle we get from the westernise version of asian noodles here.  I find the pork loin average, nothing to shout about but the crunchy vegetable (I assume they are turnips) were addictive and lovely.

We drove home after dinner with not much time left for a bit of sighseeing in the centre.  But its not too bad.  Dusselfdorf is about an hour away from us so I am pretty sure I will find my way there again.

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