Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Taiwanese Chicken Noodles

Our friend (whom also happen to be our Mandarin teacher) recently flew back to Taipei to celebrate Chinese New Year.  My memory had, with no surprises been failing me.  I called her few days ago thinking it is the day before she´s flying off but only to find out she was just about to take off, had to excuse herself before switching off her phone.  In moments like these, I wish I have not made anyone around her uncomfortable with the phone ring! :-)  Anyway, I was suddenly having a craving for Taiwanese style Chicken Noodles.  To me, they are pure comfort food.  I tried googling for the recipe but luck was not on my side, so I made my own version with whatever I have.  The ones I usually go for in KLCC foodcourt comes with slices of carrots and potatoes.  The chicken used are usually drumstick pieces too like anything else, substitute, substitute, substitute .. if you must.  Earlier own, I made a batch of fried garlic in oil too.  They are went into the making of this noodle dish and I must say, I like it but the noodle used, the soft kind is too soggy for this dish. The sauce was a typical brown sauce used here.

Last night we had Lychee Vodka after main course.  Gosh, I do miss these soo much. And the other that I really, really miss is Longan.  If only they sell them here.

Oh btw, that´s hubby saying HELLO :-)

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