Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Strummel Lachs Mafaldine Dinner

Frohes Neues Jahr people or Happy New Year to the english speaking world!  Another year came to an end and another new beginning, so to speak. We have just returned from our winter holiday in Sauerland and I must say, it was fabulous!  Although its not our first time joining our friends, it did somehow felt different for me this time round because I seem to understand what is going on more than before and that made me felt more at ease and not as intense and clueless.  More on the trip update as well as the many other backlogs from our September tour in Romantic Road on  my other blog yeah, here I wanna talk about something that befits the new year which is NEW YEAR RESOLUTION! Just for fun of it ... :-)  Had you made yours yet or do you have one?

I have a list of things I wanna do this year ... so here goes ...
  1. Finally, TAKE my driving licence this year.  No more excuses this time, it just had to be done and then, I will be able to feel more integrated into the society here plus the feeling that I´m gaining back the lifestyle of what I use to enjoy when I was back in Kuala Lumpur.  I have procrastinated too long.
  2. Learn French! In addition to learning Mandarin :-)  Since I´ve always been fascinated with anything french, why not take that step here and like the saying goes, one is never too old to learn.
  3. Get a job in Marketing or Events related again. It is a small town I am living in and although opportunities is limited and my capability or understanding of the market here are different from what I use to know, I don´t mind taking baby steps towards that direction.  I have been aiming for a few companies here to go try out, but am just waiting for the pending CNY holiday to arrive and once I am back in Germany, the brakes shall be released :-)
  4. Get Healthy and shed more pounds.  I say this every year and its one of those things that constantly bug me due to my family health history.
  5. Travel and see the world more!  We are kicking start the year with a day in Dubai, then back to Kuala Lumpur for good 5 weeks which I am trying to squeeze in some sighseeing inbetween!  Our summer, autumn and winter holiday calendar is all blocked out already so next thing we have to do is fill up the destination! How exciting is that? :-P  This year, I really hope to see either Spain, Portugal or Italy up close and personal.  Keeping my fingers and toes cross.
  6. Learn to bake well with our brand new Kitchen Aid! Also, it would be great if I can master the art of making the temperamental `macaroons`... Oui!
  7. I would like to learn how to sew too.  It is so essential here especially for a shorty like me whom finds it hard to shop for the right lenght of pants or jeans.
  8. To really, really get to know the girls in my group.  I feel that it is so essential and the time is now because my grasp over German language is getting a bit better hence understanding more and able to express more too. Also, keep intouch with my girlfriends back in Kuala Lumpur more!
  9. Do up our glossy white kitchen!  Then accessorise, accessorise and accessories ...
  10. The last but not least and like any other year is, spent quality time and enjoy every moment with love ones like my hubby, my in laws and calling up my parents, siblings and my beloved nieces/nephew back home more often.  Now that we have wireless connection throughout the whole house, it feels like it is new found freedom where I can show my nieces how our garden look like via webcam, or get my MIL downstairs to chat with my mum in KL etc from my notebook.  I no longer spent my FBing in the studyroom anymore when hubby is watching TV in the livingroom, but instead, I do them in the livingroom with him and would occassionally interrupt him with what I find online.  Haha.  And now hubby says he need one notebook too to play online games with me. :-P
So here´s too 10 Wishes!  Happy New Year you all!

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