Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spanish Fuetec Airdried Salami & Coq Au Vin Dinner

I´ve tasted in the past really good airdried salamis from France and Italy but little did I expect that the ones from Spain were just as good if not better!  What was meant to be snack for the both of us, as it turned out were quickly polished up by me - ALONE!  nom,nom,nom ...
Come dinner time, we had french.  Well, sorta for last night.  Inspired by Coq Au Vin where chicken pieces are braised for hours in red wine, my version is with white wine and cream.  Kohlrabi was used too instead of potatoes but was nevertheless a filling and befitting meal come dinner time.


I wanna show you what my brother in law and his girlfriend got us for Christmas!  They came over the night before we went off for our winter holiday so I did not get a chance to load them up here until now .. but yeah, I had another speechless moment on the dinner table when they presented these two gifts to us from WMF!  All I can say is WOW! We have been thoroughly spoiled this Christmas didn´t we???

I can´t wait to use them on our dining table! :-)

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