Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mama Elsa´s Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my mother-in-laws birthday.  We three (MIL, FIL and I) started the day slowly with a glass of Sekt for breakfast while hub was hard at work at his workplace.  No pictures taken because I did not expect MIL to open a bottle of Sekt when I went down for my casual morning help ... :-P

Then we had a wonderful spread of cakes during coffee time.  FIL´s sister came for a surprise visit too so the four of us were suddenly spoiled by 20 over cake pieces infront of us in addition to the lemon cake which MIL baked.  This reminds me to get the recipe from her because they tasted like chiffon cake but made the german way!  Really yummy stuff!

After Tanty Anna left, hub finally came home to join us for cakes and coffee before proceeding to celebrate her birthday by opening up her favourite bubbly ... Piper Heidsieck

At around 6pm, the family rejoiced again with the presence of her younger son whom came all the way from Dortmund together with his girlfriend to celebration this occassion.  My MIL was grinning from ear to ear :-) Not only that, the house phone was buzzing whole day too!  The six of us finished the bottle in no time and perhaps got a bit giddy and chatty :-)

Dinner was a simple affair of fondue (again!) but this time round, MIL requested for an Italian style fondue.  This was what I´d prepared.  Nothing fancy but simple store bought with a bit of assembling work.  The fondue sauce I must add, was great!

We had Barilla´s Tomato Ricotta Sauce with Italian Meatballs, Insalata Capressa and Prosciutto with Melon Wrap.

Dessert was vanilla and chocolate pudding, but the chocolate one as you can see here did not set but never mind! It tasted great as accompanying sauce too!

All was us was a chirpy mood yesterday so it was really fun!  Even the two birds which we relocate to the reading room were not spared. Haha.

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