Wednesday, 19 January 2011

German Siew Yuk Noodle

I think I subconciously prepared these for lunch as a prelude of more Chinese New Year feast to come.  It will be in ten (10 days) time when we step on a plane again to head back to our second home! And we are getting EXCITED already!!! 

I will finally get to hold my 6 weeks old nephew in my arms finally after seeing his countless pictures on FB updates.  I miss my parents and siblings, and friends so much too that nothing can describe my overwhelming feeling right now.  My days as you can guess is like a zombie ... physically being here by my mind is already far away.  We have also stacked up our appointments back to back just to make sure we did not miss out anyone.  But I can surely say that my list of restaurants, cafes or food to go eat will be meet by premature end for 5 weeks will NEVER be enough to cover the culinary offering of my cosmopolitan home city. 

But first ... let me go grab my breakfast now ...

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  1. AAAHHHHH!!! That looked absolutely evil!!

    Can't wait to catch up with you too! :DD


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