Thursday, 20 January 2011

Brinjal Yong Tau Foo Lunch, Decadent Irish Cream Coffee and A Flopped Bread

Someone I know recently made a very yummy looking Yong Tau Foo and posted the photos out on her FB account to share.  What a way to tantalise those around her isn´t it? So a girls gotta get her hands dirty, swear it out a little too just to get a taste of what that photo memory.  The fish paste was nothing close to the real thing and it was made using frozen fish so you can guess how mediocre the stuffing taste, but the soup and the fried brinjal more than made up for it. :-P

Today is one of those days where my energy level seems to have gone into hiding.  Not that I was not sleeping well, I have been couple of nights actually and thanks to my recent switch to decaffenaited coffee too, but what a day.  I needed the boast, skipped the decaf and went on a full flavoured with a dash of Irish Cream syrup. It was heavenly but still, could not help dosing off infront of telly after coffee break session.

I recently discovered a very good brand of Premixed Bread Flour from Netto Supermarket chain. We have tried many before to only find half hearted rised bread, or texture is too dense.  The ones as you can see here looks inflated but thats because I was trying to push down the SUPER inflated bread dough down during rising process.  Big mistake.  It turned inward.  So lesson of the day .. hands off the machine when it is at work.


  1. Hey danke für die gute post.Its wirklich sehr informativ.

  2. Hey danke für die gute post.Its wirklich sehr informativ.


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