Saturday, 29 January 2011

Fish Teriyaki Dinner

This was an easy dinner to prepare.  All I did was pour some teriyaki sauce onto the cod fish after placing them in a pan before sprinkling some brown sugar on top.  Let it cook both side for 2-3 minutes and until the sauce thickens.  Then serve.  Yummy and healthy dinner in matter of minutes, I like :-)

Chives & Sunflower Seed Pesto Linguine

My lunch a couple of days ago. A note to self ... stick to Basil by all means when it comes to Pesto.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Takumi, Dusseldorf

Hubby asked if I was keen to go visit Boot Dusseldorf during our yummy American breakfast last Sunday. I have not seen sail boats, luxurius boats or any means of water boats on display so I said YES.  Hubby makes it a point to visit every year and especially so now after obtaining his skipper licence and loved it very much.

Boot Dusseldorf is apparently the biggest boat exhibition in the world with 16 halls used and more than 1,700 boat types on display!  It is definately not for the faint hearted so if you´re keen to take a look at the display up close and personal, I would advise you to wear a pair of your most comfy and smart looking shoes on that day. The exhibition will end this 30th Jan 2011.

Since it was my first time, I was naturally vowed by the vast number of boats on display and I must say that the one thatI like most are the Bavaria range ....

Dinner was in Dusseldorf, naturally.  I took the opportunity to go try out japanes food since Dusseldorf is known as having the biggest japanese population in the whole of Europe.  Of all the Japanese cafes and restaurants available, I found Takumi to be the most authentic of the lot.  Not only the serve airflown ramen all the way from Sappora as their specialty, the whole place is manage by japanese! We also spotted quite a few japanese customer tucking into their meals so, how authentic is that!  But what I like most is, this is not a cafe or a restaurant, but more of a ramen joint which you find so abundantly all over Japan and dining here felt as though one is really in Japan :-)

Hub ordered their Gyoza and Karaage Set (around 9.50 Euro, I think) which came with a bowl of rice and a seaweed soup.  Both the Gyoza and Karaage were prepared the way how it should be.  The Gyoza paste tasted fresh with great flavour, and skin were fried perfectly and not too oily. I love it.  The Karaage although spotted a heavy flour base coating, it tasted light and crunchy the moment you pop them into your mouth.  The meat tasted very fresh and were nicely seasoned too.  THIS IS REAL STUFF and I assume this is the closest taste to what you can get outside of Tokyo.

My dinner was Tonkatsu base Ramen with slices of pork loin and an egg, done the japanese way.  The broth base I must add is full of flavour but not too porky in taste. The noodles were springy and lovey, and yes, noodles should be eaten this way and not the soft, soggy egg noodle we get from the westernise version of asian noodles here.  I find the pork loin average, nothing to shout about but the crunchy vegetable (I assume they are turnips) were addictive and lovely.

We drove home after dinner with not much time left for a bit of sighseeing in the centre.  But its not too bad.  Dusselfdorf is about an hour away from us so I am pretty sure I will find my way there again.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Brinjal Yong Tau Foo Lunch, Decadent Irish Cream Coffee and A Flopped Bread

Someone I know recently made a very yummy looking Yong Tau Foo and posted the photos out on her FB account to share.  What a way to tantalise those around her isn´t it? So a girls gotta get her hands dirty, swear it out a little too just to get a taste of what that photo memory.  The fish paste was nothing close to the real thing and it was made using frozen fish so you can guess how mediocre the stuffing taste, but the soup and the fried brinjal more than made up for it. :-P

Today is one of those days where my energy level seems to have gone into hiding.  Not that I was not sleeping well, I have been couple of nights actually and thanks to my recent switch to decaffenaited coffee too, but what a day.  I needed the boast, skipped the decaf and went on a full flavoured with a dash of Irish Cream syrup. It was heavenly but still, could not help dosing off infront of telly after coffee break session.

I recently discovered a very good brand of Premixed Bread Flour from Netto Supermarket chain. We have tried many before to only find half hearted rised bread, or texture is too dense.  The ones as you can see here looks inflated but thats because I was trying to push down the SUPER inflated bread dough down during rising process.  Big mistake.  It turned inward.  So lesson of the day .. hands off the machine when it is at work.

Grilled Italian Vegetables with Anchovie Sauce

Some combination works well no matter how bad a cook you are.  Our dinner last night:-)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

German Siew Yuk Noodle

I think I subconciously prepared these for lunch as a prelude of more Chinese New Year feast to come.  It will be in ten (10 days) time when we step on a plane again to head back to our second home! And we are getting EXCITED already!!! 

I will finally get to hold my 6 weeks old nephew in my arms finally after seeing his countless pictures on FB updates.  I miss my parents and siblings, and friends so much too that nothing can describe my overwhelming feeling right now.  My days as you can guess is like a zombie ... physically being here by my mind is already far away.  We have also stacked up our appointments back to back just to make sure we did not miss out anyone.  But I can surely say that my list of restaurants, cafes or food to go eat will be meet by premature end for 5 weeks will NEVER be enough to cover the culinary offering of my cosmopolitan home city. 

But first ... let me go grab my breakfast now ...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

I´ve been listening to this single a lot today. Love this song!

Taiwanese Chicken Noodles

Our friend (whom also happen to be our Mandarin teacher) recently flew back to Taipei to celebrate Chinese New Year.  My memory had, with no surprises been failing me.  I called her few days ago thinking it is the day before she´s flying off but only to find out she was just about to take off, had to excuse herself before switching off her phone.  In moments like these, I wish I have not made anyone around her uncomfortable with the phone ring! :-)  Anyway, I was suddenly having a craving for Taiwanese style Chicken Noodles.  To me, they are pure comfort food.  I tried googling for the recipe but luck was not on my side, so I made my own version with whatever I have.  The ones I usually go for in KLCC foodcourt comes with slices of carrots and potatoes.  The chicken used are usually drumstick pieces too like anything else, substitute, substitute, substitute .. if you must.  Earlier own, I made a batch of fried garlic in oil too.  They are went into the making of this noodle dish and I must say, I like it but the noodle used, the soft kind is too soggy for this dish. The sauce was a typical brown sauce used here.

Last night we had Lychee Vodka after main course.  Gosh, I do miss these soo much. And the other that I really, really miss is Longan.  If only they sell them here.

Oh btw, that´s hubby saying HELLO :-)

Danish Cheese Puffs & Italian Mushroom Soup

I was searching whole morning online for the name of the Danish Cheese I used here to make the puff but failed.  It starts with ´D`, and was placed next to the other famous Danish cheese such as Havarti and Esrom in most supermarket aisle here.  They are great eaten this way, baked but I must warn you that it STANKED the whole house after that but beats eating them on its own, or with bread slices etc. Really.  Smell aside, they taste wonderful!  Sort of remind me of salted fish meal I grew up eating so this is sort of comfort taste and smell for me.  Haha.  I had them with Italian Mushroom Soup that day.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Oven Baked Pork Loin with Vegetable Stuffing Dinner

We had a yummy dinner at home last night after many days of Abendbrot and Salad evening.  I though, heck with the loosing weight thing ... it is afterall weekend and we shall at least live a little.

I put together a simple salad with topping of avocados.  I loved avocados but cannot speak on behalf of my hubby.  I am one of those whom likes picking up riped avocados from the expired fruit section but not for the only reason it is cheaper, it is perfectly riped by the time you use them back home and I´ve always wondered why would someone buy the half riped ones anyway? 

One of our favourite Riesling from Mosel area.  Hub had been drinking this since like ages, and continued doing so after my presence because I love it too.  This one is one of those which you can´t get from the store but must order them direct from the vineyard. 

Our dinner last night was Oven Baked Pork Loin with Vegetables Stuffing - something I picked up whole and ready from the fresh section in the supermarket.  It is really, really good! 

The meat is tender and nicely marinated.  The filling of vegetables were lovely too with minced meat blended in - so its like eating sausage within a pork loin.  And the skin itself was crackling like how Siew Yuk is!  Hub scrapped off the skin and fat part and I quickly jumped in to save the pieces for boiling soup later on :-)

How chinese can I get :-P

Typical Light Dinner Here ...

The photo does not do justice to how fresh this plate of Abendbrot (evening bread) look like.  Once upon a time, I am one of those whom protest taking any carbohydrate for dinner if I wanna loose some pounds but it is norm here.  So here I am, integrating into the society here and eating like them.

Coffee session here is like teatime in England.  They do it here religiously with lots of cake spread on huge platters.  This was my indulgence on the same day I had abendbrot for dinner.  Two scoops of Espresso/Pannatta/Mascarporne/Tiramisu flavoured ice-cream.  Heavenly!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Vinegered Fried Herring and Potatoes

After 2 1/2 years of living here in Germany, I finally attempt to try raw herring in Enschede last week. The taste was surprisingly silky and soft, albeit a bit fishy like how sardine is.  The ones I tried were sample pieces, not so big a piece which is just fine and what I really liked was the fish vendor actually took effort in keeping some onion pieces pierced with the raw herring, so as to balance the fishy taste further.  After that experience, I was in the mood for Herring again.  Herring is local fish here -sold everywhere from fish stands, sold in plastic container in the cooling aisle of supermarket to the canned variety where you can keep one in your pantry for like ages.  I picked up a can today - the fried kind just to have a taste of how its liked.  The can states that it goes well with fried potatoes so I decided to do the full monty ...

Verdict, it was not too bad.  The vinegar taste in this one is much more acidic than the raw type but in a good way coz it balances off the oiliness of the fried fish.  I reckon, it is all and all edible but not my favourite way to eat them, or my favourite fish in the world. But again, I do not want to speak too early because I may be in for a surprise - who knows.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Mama Elsa´s Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was my mother-in-laws birthday.  We three (MIL, FIL and I) started the day slowly with a glass of Sekt for breakfast while hub was hard at work at his workplace.  No pictures taken because I did not expect MIL to open a bottle of Sekt when I went down for my casual morning help ... :-P

Then we had a wonderful spread of cakes during coffee time.  FIL´s sister came for a surprise visit too so the four of us were suddenly spoiled by 20 over cake pieces infront of us in addition to the lemon cake which MIL baked.  This reminds me to get the recipe from her because they tasted like chiffon cake but made the german way!  Really yummy stuff!

After Tanty Anna left, hub finally came home to join us for cakes and coffee before proceeding to celebrate her birthday by opening up her favourite bubbly ... Piper Heidsieck

At around 6pm, the family rejoiced again with the presence of her younger son whom came all the way from Dortmund together with his girlfriend to celebration this occassion.  My MIL was grinning from ear to ear :-) Not only that, the house phone was buzzing whole day too!  The six of us finished the bottle in no time and perhaps got a bit giddy and chatty :-)

Dinner was a simple affair of fondue (again!) but this time round, MIL requested for an Italian style fondue.  This was what I´d prepared.  Nothing fancy but simple store bought with a bit of assembling work.  The fondue sauce I must add, was great!

We had Barilla´s Tomato Ricotta Sauce with Italian Meatballs, Insalata Capressa and Prosciutto with Melon Wrap.

Dessert was vanilla and chocolate pudding, but the chocolate one as you can see here did not set but never mind! It tasted great as accompanying sauce too!

All was us was a chirpy mood yesterday so it was really fun!  Even the two birds which we relocate to the reading room were not spared. Haha.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Keropok Udang Snacks

Back where I came from, when one wants to fill up mid day, we have a vast option of savoury to munch on such as curry puffs, cucur udang, yam cake, roti canai, fish ball sticks etc, etc.  Even salty cream cracker which is so difficult to find here in Germany but can be found all over in England. 

Over here, it is mostly sweet stuffs such as biscuits, chocolates and cakes. I don´t mind sweet stuff but I am one of the unfortunate one to have to be very careful of sugar intake.  So, its great when I get my fix of savoury snacks with these.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Minestrone Soup for Dinner

Been thinking of ways to eat light and shed a few kilos before our big trip back to Kuala Lumpur end of the month.  Since we´re not on business class, and economy class will always feel smaller than it looks, plus Chinese New Year celebration means eating way too much than usual, our dinner of soup and some slices of bread seems pretty appropriate :-)  These are bottled stuff but from delicatessen range and are super yummy! I think I´m gonna go stock these up more!

12th Day of Christmas with Five Spice Chicken & Chicken Tikka Masala

The 12th Day of Christmas past by unsignificantly except for a short visit from the 3 kings & 1 star come bearing good wishes by singing a lovely song.  I was on the line when that happened but you can click here to have a look how the 3 kings & 1 star look like. 

Our Advent candles are still burning as you can see from the photos.  The candles are indeed, quite long lasting.  Our Christmas Tree lights were also up so it was nice and romantic that evening going online while hubby was nicely enjoying his `Who Wants to be Millionaire` program.

Dinner was rice with leftover Chinese Braised Chicken & Chicken Tikka Masala.  The latter were store bought and boy, was it spicy and unexpected.  But nice anyway ...

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Spanish Fuetec Airdried Salami & Coq Au Vin Dinner

I´ve tasted in the past really good airdried salamis from France and Italy but little did I expect that the ones from Spain were just as good if not better!  What was meant to be snack for the both of us, as it turned out were quickly polished up by me - ALONE!  nom,nom,nom ...
Come dinner time, we had french.  Well, sorta for last night.  Inspired by Coq Au Vin where chicken pieces are braised for hours in red wine, my version is with white wine and cream.  Kohlrabi was used too instead of potatoes but was nevertheless a filling and befitting meal come dinner time.


I wanna show you what my brother in law and his girlfriend got us for Christmas!  They came over the night before we went off for our winter holiday so I did not get a chance to load them up here until now .. but yeah, I had another speechless moment on the dinner table when they presented these two gifts to us from WMF!  All I can say is WOW! We have been thoroughly spoiled this Christmas didn´t we???

I can´t wait to use them on our dining table! :-)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Strummel Lachs Mafaldine Dinner

Frohes Neues Jahr people or Happy New Year to the english speaking world!  Another year came to an end and another new beginning, so to speak. We have just returned from our winter holiday in Sauerland and I must say, it was fabulous!  Although its not our first time joining our friends, it did somehow felt different for me this time round because I seem to understand what is going on more than before and that made me felt more at ease and not as intense and clueless.  More on the trip update as well as the many other backlogs from our September tour in Romantic Road on  my other blog yeah, here I wanna talk about something that befits the new year which is NEW YEAR RESOLUTION! Just for fun of it ... :-)  Had you made yours yet or do you have one?

I have a list of things I wanna do this year ... so here goes ...
  1. Finally, TAKE my driving licence this year.  No more excuses this time, it just had to be done and then, I will be able to feel more integrated into the society here plus the feeling that I´m gaining back the lifestyle of what I use to enjoy when I was back in Kuala Lumpur.  I have procrastinated too long.
  2. Learn French! In addition to learning Mandarin :-)  Since I´ve always been fascinated with anything french, why not take that step here and like the saying goes, one is never too old to learn.
  3. Get a job in Marketing or Events related again. It is a small town I am living in and although opportunities is limited and my capability or understanding of the market here are different from what I use to know, I don´t mind taking baby steps towards that direction.  I have been aiming for a few companies here to go try out, but am just waiting for the pending CNY holiday to arrive and once I am back in Germany, the brakes shall be released :-)
  4. Get Healthy and shed more pounds.  I say this every year and its one of those things that constantly bug me due to my family health history.
  5. Travel and see the world more!  We are kicking start the year with a day in Dubai, then back to Kuala Lumpur for good 5 weeks which I am trying to squeeze in some sighseeing inbetween!  Our summer, autumn and winter holiday calendar is all blocked out already so next thing we have to do is fill up the destination! How exciting is that? :-P  This year, I really hope to see either Spain, Portugal or Italy up close and personal.  Keeping my fingers and toes cross.
  6. Learn to bake well with our brand new Kitchen Aid! Also, it would be great if I can master the art of making the temperamental `macaroons`... Oui!
  7. I would like to learn how to sew too.  It is so essential here especially for a shorty like me whom finds it hard to shop for the right lenght of pants or jeans.
  8. To really, really get to know the girls in my group.  I feel that it is so essential and the time is now because my grasp over German language is getting a bit better hence understanding more and able to express more too. Also, keep intouch with my girlfriends back in Kuala Lumpur more!
  9. Do up our glossy white kitchen!  Then accessorise, accessorise and accessories ...
  10. The last but not least and like any other year is, spent quality time and enjoy every moment with love ones like my hubby, my in laws and calling up my parents, siblings and my beloved nieces/nephew back home more often.  Now that we have wireless connection throughout the whole house, it feels like it is new found freedom where I can show my nieces how our garden look like via webcam, or get my MIL downstairs to chat with my mum in KL etc from my notebook.  I no longer spent my FBing in the studyroom anymore when hubby is watching TV in the livingroom, but instead, I do them in the livingroom with him and would occassionally interrupt him with what I find online.  Haha.  And now hubby says he need one notebook too to play online games with me. :-P
So here´s too 10 Wishes!  Happy New Year you all!