Sunday, 5 December 2010

St Nikolaus Day ...

My in-laws will drop some gifts at the front of our Staircase every year during St Nikolaus Day.  This year, we are trying to surprise her back.  Well .. who says Nikolaus only visits children of the house?

The jar were bought where else the rest were sourced from our herited Christmas decor box! Btw, the xmas tree decor piece is older than hubby and the leaves are from the garden. What do you think?

Another great news ... I am waiting to get intouch with my sister back home. Today is the day where she will be having a c-section to deliver her 3rd kid to the world. It will be her first son ... our first nephew but what coincidence that her first daughter was born on 5th December too, and her second daughter is on the 6th December!

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