Saturday, 25 December 2010

Our Christmas Eve

We started our Christmas Eve with a heavy crepe breakfast accompanied with yummy french inspired topping ala Nutella and english inspired Lemon Curd.  Coffee was also extra special for me.  I had a cup of Lebkuchen flavoured coffee which tasted so-so ...

The crepe also went really well with some local salamis and Emmentaler. The grapes were unfortunately not too sweet as it is not in season but its nice to have some fruits blend into our diet for breakfast.  After breakfast, we heard some metal stuff dropping onto our front door. One of my stammtisch girls (also hubby´s friend) decided to play Santa by giving us a nice surprise.  We bought these little liquor holder during our recent Stammtischfarht outing and S decided to put our identity to it, of which I did not expect it to be so soon! I hung them onto our new Christmas tree for that little sparkle ...

Celebration starts around coffee time downstairs.  Although theres only 4 of us - me, hubby, my mother in law and father in law, we had a great time chatting and sharing stories. Like the previous year, my MIL prefers catching up with each other instead of slaving in the kitchen so what you see here are mostly bought. But she did spent time decking the home with all things Christmasy thought with the kitchen´s dining table all arranged in fine porcelain.

We had a six assortment cake from Bofrost for coffee time.  Although it is frozen stuff, they tasted like they were made fresh.  The quality were indeed better than the highest range frozen goods you get from the supermarket, so we were naturally very please with each piece we ate.  In the cake variety were Blackforest, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Apricot, Rasberry and Mandarin Orange flavour.

Decaffeinated for me, thank you.  I have not been holding my caffeine well lately.

And some liquor in between. These were gifts from us, which we brough back from Salzburg few months ago.

My slice of Blackforest Cake. Oh did you know that Alsace in France is fame for Black Forest Cake too? Yeap, its true but do not expect any cherries in them!

MIL loves a good bottle of sparkle during special occassion so we naturally had them after coffee session.

Christmas Gift Exchange followed.  All I can say is, I am one lucky girl to be married into this family. Both my hubby and his parents tries their best to really know me and it is all reflected in their gift gesture.

A short break follows before I head upstairs to prepare salad for our dinner in an hours time!  And I was still full from coffee break.  Haha.  Here´s another tradition for you to take a peek at.  A lot of homes here prepare plates of Christmas cookies, sweets, chocolates and such for giftaway when someone comes for a visit. Two of the plates you see here was for me and hub each, and the other two is for hub´s brother and his girlfriend whom will be visiting tomorrow.  All I can say is, theres a whole lot of sweet stuff going on during Christmas ...

My salad was an easy one.  It is inspired by Caesar Salad but with a twist of Joghurt dressing and nuts thrown in to give it a little crunch.  The rest such as salad leaves, bacon bits, crouton and cheese cubes remains the same.

Here´s our simple dinner of Ragout Fin in Puff Pastry Cup, Rosti Potatoes and Caesar Salad.

Dessert (sweet again!) was Chocolate Ice Cream with Spice in Pear Shape.

We stayed a while more before calling it a night upstairs. 

How was your Christmas Eve?

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