Monday, 20 December 2010

My Stammtisch Weihnachtsfarht

Every year, the girls in my Stammtisch group will get together for a Christmas Celebration. Last year, two girls were assigned to organise the outing.  We had a nice Christmas Market Visit session, followed by Bowling, dinner and then gift exchange session. This year, me and another girl was assigned the duty as an organisor. I am not familiar yet with what´s nice to do and what´s not so nice to do on this special day but I am thankful to be paired with someone knowledgeable.

Our plan was rather simple. Head to the nearest Christmas Market after breakfast, walk around a bit before heading off to another town for highlight of the day.  It was last Saturday and as you´ve probably read in news, Europe is again undersiege by heavy snow and dipping weather temperature.  We managed to do a little shopping here and there, sipped the customary Glühwein (Mulled Wine) and did a couple coffee break stop to warm ourself up.  Dülmen, the chosen town, although had only a small size Christmas Market, we were happy nevertheless because last weekend was the last weekend before Christmas comes therefor the traffic had been horrible.  We get to sip in the Christmas air and importantly, spent time with each other.

And of course, nothing is left simple :-P  Each of us were assigned a Sash ala Ms. Universe to wear so that it is easy for us to look out for each other incase we get lost.  Hehe.  I cannot recall how many passerby  stop me to ask if we are indeed in some contest thingy or something.  The girls were also given our group´s motto test or Christmas Quizzes to do. The winner walks home with a little something.

My co-organiser suggested us to have our Christmas Get Together evening in this famous brewery call Stephanus Brauhaus.  Although its officially a brewery, it is also ran as a restaurant with a traditional stone oven installed in one corner of their room.  A lot of programs are offered by this establishment but we were there for their famous "Brau- & Backspaß" program priced at 19.80 Euro per person.  With the package, we get a knowledge of baking from a very experience baker inclusive of hands on session (the doughs are pre-prepared though), bring home a load of bread each, enjoy the ones we made ourself, do a short tour of the brewery, enjoy two varieties of beer produced here and of course, dinner.

I have to mention this ... my partner is crime not only sew each and everyone of us a sash, she made us a baking apron too! And customised with our name as well ... awwwww

The gift exchange for this year is kinda special too.  Apart from going out to buy gifts valued at so and so for one of the member, we have to `DO IT YOURSELF` this year.  It was amazing to know that each and every one of the members in my Stammtisch group are talented individual.  Someone made a calendar, someone made a handbag from Felt material, someone made a decorative plate, someone cross-stiched an entire tablecloth!, someone knitted a pair of neck warmer and hat, another girl knitted a gorgeous neck warmer, someone made Almond Liquor and baked some cookies (the liquor is damn, damnnn yummy and we are all awaiting her recipe!), and someone received a jar of hand peeling cream, roasted nuts, cookies, homemade liquor, chocolates and even a certificate to claim a homemade cake anytime she wants.  That last one is for me and I am surely a happy girl.  And what did I do?  Well .. I can only manage a necklace after realising that I´ve lost my painting skill.

Christmas is in 4 days time ... and I truly am in the mood ...

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